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Hello, 2018.

Have you ever seen the movie Age of Adaline? It's my favorite. In the movie, Adaline goes to a fancy New Year's Eve party. We were watching the movie for approximately the zillioneth time when Greta & I decided that we definitely need to attend a formal New Year's Eve party at least once in our lifetime. However, New Year's Eve (and Greta's birthday!) fell on a Sunday this year...and all the super formal parties cost SO MUCH MONEY. We ended up settling for a semi-formal New Year's Eve eve benefit event.

The event was circus themed, and aerialist dancers performed above the dance floor, with a sword & ring dancer on the stage. There was tons of food, including all-you-could-eat cotton candy in flavors like mango & tiger's blood! Waiting in line to play carnival games we heard the people behind us talking about how they  met at a millionaires workshop. We were feeling pretty high-class that night. And young. I have never been hit on by so many old…

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