Sunday, July 30, 2017

I've dated all the boys.

I was in the kitchen making dinner tonight when I heard my roommate and her boyfriend chatting in her room. That's when it hit me. I immediately stopped cooking, found her on Facebook, and searched her friends list. It was confirmed: her boyfriend was my first Bumble date, several months ago.

I thought he looked familiar when I met him. He's at my house practically every time she's home, and I've lived here for over a month. How did I not see it before??? Then again, he's never said anything either. Does he recognize me? Time will tell. I feel like I can't just announce that I've all of a sudden realized we went on a date. The timing has to be right. Translation: I can't just come out and say it when she's sketching out wedding rings or they're making out. But also if I don't say something soon, I feel like that's weird too. I really thought my days of running into people I've gone on dates with ended when I moved to Salt Lake. In Provo it was pretty common for me to run into multiple people a day that I had gone out with, but Salt Lake was my fresh start. Or so I thought.

Moral of the story: Be nice to everyone you go on dates with, because you never know if you'll end up living with their next girlfriend?  Or maybe the real moral of the story is I've gone on too many dates. I quit. But not really because I already have a date set up for this week.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I ran over my own car.

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the dentist? I really dislike the dentist. But, in an attempt to be a real grown up, I go to the dentist (sometimes). I had my 6-month check up yesterday. At 7AM. What was I thinking when I set an appointment so early in the morning? GOOD QUESTION. I rolled out of bed (hair in a greasy messy bun, no makeup, oversized hoodie--looking real cute) and headed to the dentist only to learn that I have a dang cavity.

Obviously, the day was off to a great start.

Then, as I was pulling away from the dentist office, I heard a crunch. THE ROAD WAS CLEAR, and I was confused. I rolled down my window and asked the girl (who was staring at my car) if I had hit something. "Your bumper FELL OFF," she said. WHATTTTT?! Who knew that could just happen? My front bumper fell off and I RAN OVER IT. I RAN OVER MY OWN CAR. 

So here I am, in the middle of the road, on top of my own bumper, with NO CLUE what to do or how to get my car off my bumper. Go forward? Go back? I was about to go into full on crisis mode, when a boy crossed the street and helped direct me off of my bumper. But this is Provo, and I wasn't wearing makeup, so of course this wasn't just a random stranger boy. Ohhhhhhh no. This was a boy I had gone on a date with over a year ago and then never spoke to again (classic me). He didn't say anything, and honestly I was not in the mood to bring up the fact that we had gone on a date before, so we just sort of ignored that (or he didn't recognize me) and pretended to be perfect strangers.

Another boy also stopped, and the two of them tried to tell me it wasn't a big deal as they loaded my bumper into my car. I was (am) seriously so grateful for these two. I wasn't buying their "this isn't a big deal" crap, but it was a nice gesture, and I would probably still be stuck in the middle of the road on top of my bumper without them. It's finals week. People are busy. And neither of them made me feel like an inconvenience in their day and neither of them hurried away. I was definitely not  looking cute, so I know they had no ulterior motives. These were quality humans.

Of course the second I drove away (with my bumper in the passenger seat) I burst into tears. I literally bought this car 2 weeks ago. The car issue quickly turned into a Lisa issue. Obviously it was all somehow my fault and I bought the worst car in the world. Thanks to 3+ phone calls to Dad and a very nice body shop guy, I was able to pull myself out of that slump and realize that it was all going to be okay.

And then it kicked in. Carine said it's called White Knight Syndrome. Suddenly that boy who stopped to help, ya know... the one I went on a date with a year ago, suddenly I thought he was the most beautiful man in all of Provo. Naturally, I contacted the friend who had set us up and asked if he was single. He is. So I called him. It went something like this, "Hey! This is Lisa. The girl that ran over her own car today. And also one time we went on a date. I think you're the nicest person in the entire world, and I probably owe you dinner." The kind soul didn't say no. Probably because he agrees that he does deserve a free meal.

The White Knight Syndrome has since worn off. It's probably for the better. I probably would have proposed at dinner if the you-saved-my-life-so-now-I-love-you feelings would have stuck around.

Enjoy this, the only picture of my car pre-bumper casualty. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The (little) Grand Canyon

This weekend we discovered the little grand canyon. I thought Eliott was taking us to go hike across the prairie, but then BAM! we arrived at this gorgeous location. It was the best. Sunshine, 70 degree weather, and good people. 



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

He's got my back

Blogging post-break up is hard. Especially because I am always scared to really blog about my relationships. The downside of not sharing the happy relationship times on the blog is that it is really hard to blog about the ending of a relationship that you, dear reader, know nothing about. Let's just say this one was (is) a doozy.

If there is one thing I have learned (or re-learned) this past week and a half it is that God knows me. He is aware of me, and He has my back.

I was walking to school today fighting back the urge to cry. I had to teach a class this morning on COMMITMENT. On Valentine's day. 11 days after my heart was shattered. I didn't think I could do it. All I wanted was to go home and crawl back into bed and never get out. I started making deals with myself. Get through this lesson and you can go home. You can call in sick to work. You can skip your afternoon class. But you have to teach this class, and you are not allowed to cry until after 10:45. I was barely holding it together. And then my angel came. She had just passed me on the path to school when she turned around and complimented my coat. Then she asked my name. She asked how I was doing. I lied. She walked me the rest of the way to school, gave me a Valentine, and disappeared. I made it through that class. And armed with the reminder that God will get me through the day, I'm still on campus.

God has not left me alone for one second these past 11 days. The list of miracles that have occurred in my life are unbelievable. But they are real. 

Greta was home when it happened. Kyle had snapped saying his plans for the night got cancelled, and she went to respond to him several times saying they should watch a movie or something. But each time she opened the message to respond, she changed her mind. She stayed home without plans on a Friday night. God knew I would need her.

My home teacher was at my house one hour post-break up to give me a blessing. I never have good relationships with home teachers, except right now. I always thought home teaching was just for the rare occasion when someone with no friends needed something. Not me. But all my friends were his friends. I would have had no one to call. On Sunday, the EQ President and a member of the Stake Presidency came to visit. I told the EQ President how grateful I am that with all the changes in home teaching this semester I got to keep my home teachers. If they had been changed I would have had home teachers that would have maybe  home taught me once before the break up. And I wouldn't have called them. The EQ President looked me square in the eyes and said "Lisa, we did change your home teachers. But then we changed them back." God knew I would need them.

My "Love You" balloon from Carine is the first thing I see every morning and the last thing I see every night. Mornings and bedtime are the hardest. No one has informed my subconscious dream-making brain that it's over. But every morning the first thing I see when I open my eyes is a reminder that I am loved. I take a deep breath, and I get out of bed. God knew I would need reminded, often.

There are a million other miracles. Tabatha texted me out of the blue the day after the break up just to tell me she loves me. The weather has been beautiful. Greta and Carine have taken the best care of me. Friends I haven't talked to in months have taken me back in immediately and made me feel so loved. Mom has answered all of my middle of the night phone calls. I have been blessed with an abundance of dark chocolate. Anytime I am about to break, a friend shows up. I have a running list of the miracles that have occurred on my computer, and just looking at the list brings tears to my eyes. God is so good. He loves me. He loves you.  He is paying attention. You and I are never alone.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Cost of becoming the favorite aunt: $1

With three boys in the house, Joe and Kori felt they had reached their toy limit. They requested more useful gifts this Christmas, but sometimes you have to bend the rules just a little in order to be dubbed #1 Aunt. With Kori's permission, I got the boys the book "A Book With No Pictures." I think Joe enjoyed listening to Kori read the book (which has adults say silly things) just as much as the boys did! Not wanting the boys to have nothing to play with after opening presents, I grabbed a container of cornstarch and decided we could make some oobleck. 

In my imagination, making oobleck with the boys would consist of them sitting at the table, each with a bowl of oobleck goo in front of them. Pierson, however, decided it would be WAY more fun if we put the oobleck on the table. He also decided it would be WAY more fun to dump a lot of extra water in to make it more runny/messy. And just to top off the fun, he decided this activity could be best enjoyed from sitting on top of the table.

Not one to say no to my favorite boys, I promised Kori I would clean up the mess if she would just let them be as messy as they wanted. Because they are living in an old house they don't care about while in the process of building their dream home, Kori agreed. Crawford was a little unsure of getting messy at first, but he eventually joined his brothers on the table. By bath time, oobleck had made its way into 3 rooms and covered every surface in the dining room. But, more than once, the boys declared me their favorite aunt. WORTH IT.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Very Merry Unbirthday

Reen likes to start planning Halloween on November 1st. It's not surprising to receive a text from Reen at 3am on a July morning with a list of costume ideas. The girl takes Halloween seriously! I've never loved Halloween, but I love Reen and she reallllllly loves Halloween. So sometimes I catch a bit of her excitement. 

This year: Alice in Wonderland. Gretz was Alice, I was the Mad Hatter, and Carine was the Queen of Hearts. Oh, and Kira was a random pink chef. 

Do you know who else loves Halloween? Josh. He's a dress-up-for-school-type. So instead of my morning run on Halloween, I did his makeup. There is just something a little frightening about spending more time on your boyfriend's makeup for school than you do on your own. But he looked dang good, so... #WorthIt

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Megsie Moreno

How did I not blog about Megsie and Best Friend's wedding?! #IHaveABoyfriendSoINeverBlogAnymore

We squeezed into the car (really...we squeezed - there were 5 of us and it was very snuggly, but we really like each other so it was all good) and headed down to San Diego for Megsie's wedding. 

The weather was perfect. The company was perfect. The ceremony was perfect. The sealer maybe messed up Megan's name a time or two, but I think the giggles made the ceremony all the more perfect. 

After 5 zillion hours of post-wedding pictures, we had a quick lunch, made a stop at a sketchy store to buy the newlyweds a gift, and headed to Riverside for the ring ceremony and reception. We were late (like...very late) to the ring ceremony but, lucky for us, they waited until we arrived to start. And then all of the groomsmen decided approximately 7 seconds before the ring ceremony that I needed to re-pin all of their flowers. And only me. No one else could do it. I was still pinning flowers when people started walking down the aisle. Luckily, I was towards the end.

It's weird that Megsie is married. I'm not the biggest fan of sharing her, but it was bound to happen. And if it had to happen, I'm glad it was to Best Friend. I can tell he's a good one. Evidence: he has not put up a fight at all about my insistence that we call each other Best Friend. Other evidence: he makes Megan so happy.