12 a.m.

I went to bed fairly early last night. Before eleven. Caroline was still awake, but I passed out like a rock. You know how sometimes in the night you roll over and check the time just to see how much longer you get to sleep? Well, I rolled over and it was 12:10. I flipped out. It was 12:10! I had missed class. I never sleep in that late. Ever. If I hurried I could still make it to child development. I'm sure I could get the notes from Book of Mormon from Cami or Ashley. I sat up in bed, and Caroline looked at me like I was crazy. That's when I realized...it was 12 a.m. not p.m. It wasn't noon. It was midnight. No worries folks, I didn't miss class. I still had a full night's sleep ahead of me. It was a very stressful situation, but it was just a false alarm. Silly sleepy Lisa.

Today I had Book of Mormon, staff meeting at work, Child Development, lunch with Mary and Elementary Art.  My classes were all good. I'll spare you the details about child development, although it is my favorite class and oh so very interesting. I feel like that class is preparing me to be a good mommy, which of course is my life dream. Oh, remember that child development paper I wrote all in one day since I'm such a good procrastinator? BRAG MOMENT: I got a 100%. I am pretty stoked. Seriously I was one of THREE people to get a 100%. I am feeling on top of the world right about now. Lunch with Mary was delightful. We went to Blue Line Deli. Art class was fabulous. I glazed the little pot/bowl thing I made last week. I will post pictures when it is completed.

Other than that, the day was pretty average. Busy. Normal. Tomorrow I have to take my child development test and go to some biology thing in the library on top of my regular classes. But at least I don't have to work. I'm looking forward to a fun weekend!

Complaint for the day season: winter makes my back hurt. The cold makes me very tense. I have to remind myself to relax because I notice I walk around with my muscles tensed because I'm cold. It is absolutely terrible! Caroline gave me a massage and I put some arnica on, but this winter business has got to end soon. Well, actually that makes it sound like this is a miserable winter. It really isn't. The cold isn't near as bad as I thought it would be. I just need to learn to not be so tense. That's my goal for the winter. Before I graduate, I will master not tensing up in the cold.

Time to sleep. Hopefully I don't have another 12 a.m. scare. Goodnight!


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