'cause you had a bad day

It was bound to happen. I hadn't had a bad day in a very long time. Life has been pretty smooth sailing lately. But today was a bad day. No, not all of today was bad. There was a lot of good. But today I am being pessimistic. I am fully aware that I could change my attitude and think of all the positives of today instead of focusing on the negative. Maybe I just want to have a pity party today. Anyway, I am classifying today as a bad day.

This morning I had a writing class at 8 o'clock. The bad news about 8 o'clock classes is that if you mess up in that class it puts you in a sour mood all day. We had 5 short take home quizzes due today. Nothing hard. Together they were worth 50 points. I completely forgot about them. When I say I completely forgot, I really did completely forget. It's not even like I was procrastinating. I just forgot they even existed. I was able to scribble out a few answers and manage to get 22 points.  If I was choosing to think positively, at least I was able to get some points.

Now, keep in mind that I am not the type of person to just let these kind of things go. I cried once because I ran a red light. I cried because I dropped a bowl and it broke. It was a big yellow bowl. That was in elementary and I don't think I got over it until my mom used a similar looking yellow bowl for my Easter basket one year. I wasn't upset because I particularly liked the bowl, I just felt like I let someone (the bowl?) down. Disclaimer: I did not cry in class this morning, just so everyone is aware. I can forgive other people, but it is so much harder to forgive myself. I let me down today. And me is pretty important to me.

If I was choosing to be positive about this situation, at least I have this blog to bring my grade up. That's why I'm writing in the blog so early this evening. I didn't want to forget. Plus I think I needed to vent before I finish the res of my homework.

Other stressors this week include a paper due Wednesday, Book of Mormon quiz, Bio test, child development paper, lots of reading, catch up in art class, and apartment shopping. Oh, and work and having a life. That too.

I looked at some apartments today. I found the one. I want it so bad. Unfortunately, it is hard to get into. People camp out a week before contracts go on sale just to get a spot. I will be camping out. It will be cold, but if I'm being positive, I found one I like at a good price - worth it. People were so nice while we were out looking. If the office wasn't open, people would just let us into their apartments to look around. I went into so many random people's apartments today. They were all so friendly and helpful. Only in Provo...

Today was a crazy day. School, work, apartment hunting, dinner, home teaching, and now tons of homework. No break. Maybe I'll make time for Once Upon a Time before bed to destress myself, but even that is looking doubtful. It is okay though. Tomorrow will be better. I will forgive myself and do better tomorrow.

And since I'm deciding to be positive, I am thankful for bad days because they make the good days that much better.


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