Don't Slip

Another wonderful day :) I seriously love my life. I woke up this morning and made the treacherous walk to church. Icy. Uphill. Luckily I was wearing the super cute boots my mom sent me so I was pretty stable, but I have this fear of being the girl that falls. I can almost guarantee it will happen at some point this winter.

I got to church and sat next to Greta. She's one of my faves. I gave opening prayer in sacrament meeting and Derek (my fhe dad) said my name in his talk, so basically I'm famous. The big excitement during church was that the chorister passed out while leading on the songs. She was fine though, no worries. It was a blood sugar thing.

Sunday school was an adventure. I'm pretty sure telling Thomas (the Sunday school president) that Cameron and I kind of planned on winging it was a bad idea. The entire Sunday school presidency along with the bishop and 1st counselor all sat in on the class! Cameron hadn't even read over the lesson, so I just kind of went with it. It actually went pretty well. Bishop even said he enjoyed it :) scorreeee!

I wasn't supposed to have to work today, but Hilary got the flu and no one else could take her shift so I went in last minute to cover for her. It was a pretty slow day, but I got a lot accomplished. I got some digits, haha and an invite to some guys' dorms in Heritage (they have kitchens) so we can cook dinner. That was about as exciting as it got though. I was pretty deathly bored, but then Thomas and Easton came to visit. They're real pals.

Ward prayer was fantastic, as usual. I love my ward family. We stayed and talked for awhile, but everyone knew we couldn't stay as late as we have in the past. I learned to flex and we did some arm wrestling. Just the norm, haha.

After everyone left, Megan and I walked with Cooper to the Cannon. We were in his jacket (because it is ridiculously soft) and some girl walked by and said *cough*polygamist*cough*. It was SOOOOOO funny. We went to mess with Quinn and I learned that evidently I look like a lemur.

Then I had a wonderful conversation with Megan. We have the most interesting conversations ever. I really love that kid.



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