Everday I'm shufflin'

I TOLD YOU. I told you today would be a better day. I got to sleep in since I didn't have class until 10, which of course makes for the start of a good day. My classes were good and I had a vey productive day.

Unfortunately I can't tell you just how productive. It is top secret. But all will be revealed tomorrow, on Caroline's birthday. I can tell you this much, tonight I made oreo balls and Caroline and I had a jam sesh. The girl from the book (Eve's friend) came over to return my sweatpants she had borrowed and when she walked in there was some major jamming going on. Oh the good times in 2118. I'm going to miss this place.

Only really I'm only going to partially miss this place. I am really super excited to get an apartment next year. Then I can cook and eat whatever I want. Mmmm so ready. I really really really hope I get into this one certain complex. The problem is the contracts go on sale super late, so if I don't get in I'm not sure what I'll do. But I will get in. I already decided.

Hmm...what else happened today? Nothing really exciting. I finished my paper that is due tomorrow and did a lot of homework. Those things are so time consuming and give me nothing to write about in my blog. I guess I could talk in code to my mom. Let's see if you understand this mom: a certain someone was civil today. That was good, I guess. Actually I don't really care. Haha, isn't that awful? OH! and mom, I wrote the date I come home on my calendar! That makes it pretty legit. It is official, I will be home at the end of April. No worries.

Tomorrow I have to work, but...it's Wednesday! Which means mission calls! Several of my friends are expecting their's tomorrow and I am super excited to hand them their mission calls. Best part of my job.

This was seriously the lamest blog post ever. Sorry. I just didn't have much to say today. Luckily this blog isn't graded on content :) Well, back to the books.



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