Oh Provo...

I forgot how unique weekends in Provo can be. It has been quite the weekend. Only at BYU can you spend a Friday night at an event with dancing, inflatable obstacle courses, super hero cape decorating and speed dating. Now, I did not go to this event with the intention of participating in the speed dating. I just wanted to get my groove on. BUT THEN... Megan and I were walking into the dance and some guys running the speed dating begged us to sign up. They said there weren't enough girls signed up, so they were having to turn boys away. So we did. We signed up. Life experience right? No, we are not desperate. We did not go into this thinking we were really going to meet anyone. It was a joke. Unfortunately, I don't think the males participating in the speed dating thought it was funny. They were serious. It was an interesting experience. One I do not wish to ever experience again. I mean, it gets a little monotonous answering the same basic questions every 2 minutes. Lesson learned: speed dating just isn't my thing.

After we ditched that event, we ran into these guys we had bumped into about a million times that night. I'm sure they thought we were stalking them, but I promise we were not. They were entertaining themselves by putting walkie talkies into trees and bushes and scaring people when they walked by. It was hilarious. We stayed outside talking to them until it was just too cold.

I guess the cold weather should have been a good warning, but I was suprised to see a blanket of snow when I woke up this morning. I thought about taking a picture to post, but then I remembered that the snow is COLD and I didn't particularly want to go outside just to take a picture. My roomie (Caroline) left early this morning to go skiing, so I had the room to myself. Which means I stayed in bed almost all day.

When I eventually got out of bed I met up with Meg and went to the BYU men's basketball game (okay, that's a  bit of an exaggeration...I got out of bed earlier). The student section was packed. Luckily we saw some friends and were able to sit with them. The absolute best part of the entire basketball game was the half time show. BEST HALF TIME SHOW EVER. Hands down.
50-96 year old women dressed in karate outfits dancing. Oh yes, it was amazing. I tried to upload the video I took, but I couldn't get it to work. Maybe I'll put it on facebook tomorrow. One of the grandmas did the splits! Megan is convinced that the wrinkles in the old woman's skin allow her to stretch better. You go grandma!

After the game we went to the Cannon Center (dorm cafeteria) to eat. Thomas ate with us and we bonded over what Megan and I thought was deep conversation. Thomas thought it was superficial. You win some, you lose some. We were sitting at a 4 person table, but it was just the 3 of us. Behind us there was a guy sitting all by his lonesome. When he got up to get more food, I told Megan to grab his tray and put it at our table. You gotta love Meg. She did it. In her rush to not get caught stealing this guy's tray, she spilled his chocolate milk all over our table and my phone. Smooth. Then he came back. He sat down at his now tray-less table with his bowl of cereal. Megan ran away embarrassed. Eventually I decided I should probably explain the situation. I went over and sat at his table and began explaining. Megan must have been worried I would say something embarrassing because she magically reappeared. We then invited Steve (that's his name by the way) to join us at our table. After all, we did have his tray. Steve was very nice. We bonded. He invited us to steal his tray anytime we want.

After that adventure Megan and I were in the mood to have random fun. We didn't have any ideas though, so we had to turn to Google. The idea we found most appealing? Stick blueberries up your nose and shoot them to see who can go further. Well, we didn't have blueberries. But we did have Skittles and M&Ms. The world smelled a little fruity after that. Taste the rainbow? Smell the rainbow.

Of course shooting candy out of our noses didn't entertain us for long. No worries though, we came up with another idea. We got a group of friends together and went to the library to write notes and leave them in books for people to find. We almost got kicked out of the library before we even got in. Evidently we looked suspicious. Whatever security man. After promising we wouldn't play games he allowed us to go to the "no shh" zone. After writing tons of funny notes and notes with our friends' phone numbers on them we decided there were too many to hide in just the library. Megan, Greta, and I set off to hide some in the Tanner building. I had written my roomates number on a notecard and placed it in an envelope that said To: you From: fate. Well, fate didn't take long. Less than an hour after I hid the card a boy named Andrew found it and called! Maybe it really was fate. I'll keep you posted.

BYU weekends. What a life.


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