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I've been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time, but I was always "too busy". Then this morning in my writing class I learned I could do a daily blog for extra credit. Being the over achiever that I am, of course I decided I could make time for a blog. Extra credit is good motivation to do just about anything.

So, it's the begginning of the semester. It's going to be a good one. I can feel it. Well, I could  feel it. The first two days of the semester were quite "warm". I even went outside without a coat (which is a big deal for a Louisiana gal adjusting to winter in Utah). But today is cold. In the twenties. Not lovin' it. However, the free hot chocolate stands around campus made walking to class a little more bearable. And my classes aren't least not yet. Yes, it will be a good semester. In case the warmer weather and free hot chocolate weren't enough foreshadowing, I also found one of the hidden envelopes around campus with a coupon for 2 free ice creams! I mean, I'm not exactly sure I can bring myself to eat ice cream in this weather, but I like free things.

Bring it winter semester. I'm ready.


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