Lalala Life is Good

Happiness is a choice. I chose to have a good day today, and it worked. However, there are little things throughout the course of the day that cannot be explained by anything other than a loving Heavenly Father who is aware of His daughter. Today I was overwhelmed with how aware He is of me. He knows me. He knows my needs. He loves me.

I woke up rested and in a good mood. I didn't have class until 10 so I was able to sleep in a bit. Then I was off to Book of Mormon. It was amazing how much of today's lesson applied directly to things going on in my life. I'm convinced that lesson was meant entirely for me.

After BOM, I went to a staff meeting at work. We went over the normal work stuff, but then we had a really interesting activity. We were given 5 strips each of 4 different colors of paper. On the purple papers we wrote our top 5 most important possessions, green was activities, blue concepts or beliefs, and yellow was people. Then Jay told a story. As the story went along, we had to gradually give up some of our papers. By the end, we only had 3 papers left. It was actually really hard to give up things you cared strongly about, even though it was just a simple activity. It showed what truly matters most. I ended up with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, my mom and dad, and eternal families. It was interesting to see where my priorities really are among things I feel strongly about. At the end of the meeting we were given a special challenge. The challenge includes thinking about someone other than yourself and praying for them by name. That's when I realized how focused on me I've been lately. I am so thankful Heavenly Father saw that and gave me the kick in the butt I needed to help me focus on others. What a great blessing!

After the meeting I had child development class. Even that class incorporated spiritual quotes today that uplifted my soul. Such a good day. But then we had to watch THREE live birth videos...yuck. Best form of birth control ever invented. I'll spare you the details.

I met up with Megan, Caroline, and Chase for lunch at the Cougareat after class and we had a jolly ole time. Then we went to the Housing Fair. There are so many options! Choosing where to live is a bit overwhelming.

I started my new elementary art class today. It is wonderful. The teacher's name is Jethro, so that automatically makes it fantastic. Today we were given clay and told to make anything we wanted. That's when I learned: nothing has changed since 1st grade. My skill level is the same...or worse. I was struggling. Eventually I ended up with a lopsided bowl thing. With my name etched into it. I'll post pictures when it is complete. Which will be like a month since we have to wait for it to dry, bake, cool, glaze, fire again...lots of steps.

Work. After class I had work. It was super good though. Pretty much a party. Kathryn worked with me and I saw like a bijillion people. Thomas left what looked like super sketchy candy on the desk when I was busy. So then I saw the candy and was pretty sure I was being poisoned. But no worries, it was just Thomas not a creeper. And so far, I'm not dead so I guess he wasn't poisoning me. So much else happened at work too, but I'm getting sleepy so I think I'll cut this short.

When I got home I realized I needed to print something for my 8 o'clock class. But then I remembered I had let Charly borrow my card for the rove so I couldn't print! Megan came to the rescue and let me use her printer. True friend right there.

End of stories.


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