Life is Crazy, Life is Good

This week is crazy busy, so I wanted to be especially productive today. Without driving myself insane. For the most part: mission accomplished. I still have a loooooong list of "to-do's", but I feel good about all that I got done today. I only had two classes today, but I also watched the campus devotional, went to the employment office to get cleared for student employment, did all my reading for tomorrow's classes (and some of Thursday's too!), did my laundry, discovered a delicious new place to eat in the Cougareat, got all my stickers for Geek Week and even found time to have a much needed conversation with my lovely roomie. We both needed to spill our feelings on various life issues. It's amazing that only a few months ago I thought I would never get along with Caroline and now she is one of my very best friends. She is such a good listener and always tells me what I need to hear, whether I want to hear it or not. Heavenly Father definitely had a hand in placing us in the same room. He knew I would need a friend like Caroline this year more than ever.

My life is about to get even more crazy. I start training for my new job tomorrow. I am excited to have some income, but also a bit worried about how I will balance it all. I know I can do it though. Seeking employment after deciding not to work last semester was a bit scary, but I prayed about it and I know it is the right thing. This will be good for me.

It is a bit overwhelming that I already have a paper due in a week and another not long after. I also have countless hours of reading, several quizzes, and various other projects. I don't rememberthe beginning of last semester being quite so hectic! But I love it. I really do. BYU is amazing. Today at the devotional President and Sister Samuelson talked about the things they love about BYU. It reminded me of all the wonderful blessings I receive by attending this great university. I am so blessed.

Today in my child development class I learned an interesting fact. The average 4 year old asks approximately 400 questions each day. Most of these questions are "why?". I think the average 19 year old asks just as many "why?" questions, just not out loud. There is always an answer to why. We may not always see the answer clearly, but it is there. Sometimes we just have to put our hand in the Lord's and let Him lead us one step at a time.


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