Lisa is spelled F-A-T-E

What a day. I am absolutely exhausted...and still not finished with homework. After going to bed after midnight last night, I had an early class today. Yuck. At least tomorrow I get to sleep in a bit. But I guess I should get used to staying up late because (drum roll please) I got a job. The job works with my class schedule, but it will require me to work late a couple nights a week. One night a week until 2 a.m. YIKES! And I'll have to brave the cold. But it will be worth it. I think it's the right thing to do. I don't want any more debt than is absolutely necessary for my education.

In other news, LSU is currently losing the national championship game. They better pull through and magically win because I didn't befriend the attractive guy sitting next to me in bio all because he wasn't cheering for LSU. It will be tragic if we don't win after I passed up an opportunity like that.

Oh! I started a new class today. Art for elementary teachers. I'm not very artsy, but I think the class will be wonderful. Today we had to sit across from one of our classmates and draw them....without looking at the paper. Then we had to draw a picture upside down to draw with the right side of our brains. My artwork turned out...interesting. We somehow got onto the subject of lions in that class and the teacher freaked out and said we had to watch this youtube video about Christian the lion. It was actually really neat. I want a pet lion. Although really I've always wanted a white tiger, not a lion.

Once Upon A Time today (yes, I know I'm a day late but I have to wait for it to come on Hulu) was amazing as always. I love that show. I just don't see how everything will work out. I'm addicted.

Now for the best part of the day. You know those notes from "fate" I left all over campus with my friends' numbers on them? Well, one of those notes scored Megan a date tomorrow night with a super hott RM. She owes me big time. Especially if they get married. I'm so winning the bet. You're welcome, Megan.

Another great day in the life of Lisa.


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