Rain Makers makin' it rain

Sleep is good. So good. I slept a lot last night. Good, deep, wonderful sleep. It was fantastic. You would think that would mean I'm not tired, but I am. I even took a nap today too! Just a quick lil baby one, but still. I'm looking forward to bedtime. Which will probably be super soon, haha.

This morning I had Book of Mormon class. Then there was a campus forum, but I didn't go. Instead I cleaned my room for cleaning checks. Then I went to child development. Best class ever. I really feel like I learn things that apply to my life in that class. I am definitely keeping my notes from that class forever. Seriously. I even got them spiral bound and I take such good notes. After child development I went to the bookstore to buy a few things and then headed off to the writing lab. For my first paper in writing 150 it is a requirement that I take my paper to the writing lab at least once. It was helpful, I guess. The tutor lady had some good points. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Carolyn (the grad student who teaches my class) and we'll get to talk about my paper. I feel like that will be more helpful.

Dinner. Dinner here is a social event. I love it. But tonight, I felt peer pressured. Now, I am not one to give in to peer pressure. Trust me. If you knew me in high school, you know I do not give in. But it is a lot harder to say no when you really want to do the thing you are being pressured into doing. We sat at the tall table tonight. A table with stool like chairs. Higher than all the rest. It is a wonderful table for seeing people, but tonight sitting at the table came with a dare: stand on the table. For some reason this was a really attractive dare. I so badly wanted to stand on the table. I was a lil chicken though, too. I mean, there were a LOT of people around, and I was scared I would get kicked out. I was almost on the table. Really. It was going to happen. But, round of applause, I didn't give in to peer pressure. I made a waffle in celebration of my strength to resist peer pressure even when dared to do something that sounds appealing.

After dinner I did some homework, but then Tara talked me into going to an intermural basketball game. Okay, so I didn't need much convincing. I don't like doing schoolwork. Our friends, the Rain Makers totally dominated. I kept score. Yes, me. They had to teach me, but I did SUPER well. Best score keeper ever right here. Of course there were 3 people keeping score, but I still think I made an important contribution. It made me feel athletic. Even though I wasn't playing.

Note: I don't like how snow/ice falls out of trees when the wind blows. No Mom, nothing dangerous, just annoying.


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