Sunday at the Y

Sundays at BYU are great. Especially fast Sundays. I really, really, really love food so it's kind of amazing how much I love fast Sundays, but I do. There is never a long awkward pause between testimonies in my ward. Instead there is a line of 18-19 year olds anxiously awaiting to share the truths that they know. Back home it was a rare occassion that someone under the age of 25 bore their testimony. It is absolutely wonderful to be in a place where people my age are eager to share their testimony with others. Most of the guys in my ward are preparing to serve missions. Many have already gotten their calls. Well get ready World, because some AWESOME missionaries are about to be unleashed. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is absolutely true. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. The Church is led by a true and living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I don't know these things because someone told me. I know because I prayed about it. Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. He loves us. He knows us.

Now, as I said, I love food. But today's meal was a bit of a fail. The steak in the Cannon was red. Gross. I like my meat good and dead. However, there was Creamery ice cream so that saved the day. Who needs a real meal when there is unlimited ice cream? YUM!

But getting back to church, church was really good today. Of course Sacrament meeting was good with all of the amazing testimonies. I taught Sunday school today...alone. My teaching partner moved off campus this semester. The lesson went pretty well, but I am excited to have a new partner next time I teach. My new teaching partner's name is Cameron and he seems really cool. Kjersten taught Relief Society. It was a way good lesson. Overrall, successful day at church.

Caroline's brother, James, came over during visiting hours today. I met the rest of her family over Thanksgiving break, but James was on his mission so it was my first time meeting him. He reminded me so much of he and Caroline's dad. It was great. I think a couple girls in the hall are already in love with him.

Ward prayer tonight was awesome, as usual. Ashton got to tell her engagement story and show off the rock. After ward prayer I stayed in the lobby and socialized for a lot longer than I realized. Oops. I guess my 8 a.m. class will be real fun tomorrow. We had a lot of fun though. We debated whether or not guys and girls can be "just friends". Then we played never have I ever and kiss marry kill. Good times.

Sundays are refreshing. Now it's time to sleep so I'll be ready to tackle this week head on.


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