Termites, Haircuts, New Job, and LOTS of Reading

When I woke up this morning, I expected today to be a pretty average day. Oh Lisa, when will you ever learn? Life never has "average" days. Each day is an adventure.

Writing class went fairly normal, minus the 3 kids who were in the wrong classroom and didn't realize it...even after the teacher began teaching (seriously how didn't they know what their professor looks like?). And it's not like it's a big class either. There are only like 15 of us in that class. Silly kids. But mostly it was just a normal class. Then I went to bio. Professor Smith said we were going to be doing an experiment with termites. I thought for sure he would perform an experiment and we would all watch (there are 300 kids in the class and we sit in those itty bitty baby chairs with the fold up desks). But no. We got into small groups and were handed a container with LIVE termites. They were creepy crawly and I was not a fan. Somehow my desk got voted termite desk (of course) so I had to sit veryyyy close to the little creatures. Oh and it gets better. We had to take them out of the container and watch them run around GROSS. Luckily, I avoided touching them or really doing anything except squealing. I insisted that the guy sitting next to me do all the dirty work, afterall that's what boys are for, right? Such a traumatizing class period.

After class I went to work for some training on the desk. I worked for 5 hours, which really took away almost all of today's study time. I think I'm really going to enjoy my job though once I get into the routine. All my co-workers seem nice and the job itself isn't too terribly complex. Yay for being a responsible adult!

I really did plan on doing school work after I got off work, but then Megan showed up at my door with scissors. That girl is so crazy. She decided she wanted her hair chopped off. Not just a trim, a major cut.
A true sign of friendship, Megan let me make the first cut. I knew she was going to get a lot cut off, so we were just playing around being silly. It reminded me of cutting my Barbies' hair when I was little. I let Caroline take over when it was time to get serious. She's a bit more experienced than I am. It turned out great :) Caroline is very talented. And Megan is very brave.

After all that craziness, we were hungry. So, no studying before dinner. But after dinner I hit the books. And aside from a 5 minutes ecclesiastical endorsement interview, I haven't stopped until I decided to write today's blog post. This is homework after all. But tomorrow is a SUPER busy day and I still have a lot to do.

Today was full of new experiences. Each day is a learning adventure.


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