Twelve. The number of mission calls I was able to personally hand to young men today. I love working the Wednesday shift.  When I got to work this morning there was a fat stack of mission calls. Cory had already called them all and told them to come pick up their mission calls, but I went through the stack and texted the ones whose numbers I had. Handing these guys their mission calls quite literally made my day. Their excitement was radiant. Where else in the world do you get to see 19 year old boys almost explode with joy when you hand them a white envelope containing the name of the place they will be serving the Lord for the next 2 years? I have the best job in the entire world.

There was still a good number of mission calls left to be picked up at the end of my shift, but I am glad I was able to at least give everyone I knew their mission calls. Ryder will be serving in Frankfurt, Germany. Tim will be serving in Panama City, Panama. Nick will be serving in Lima, Peru (East). And I'm not sure yet about where Jared will be serving (still waiting to hear). I am so proud of all my friends who have decided to serve missions! They amaze me.

Word has gotten out that I work at the desk on Wednesdays. Everyone wants me to text them the second I see their mission call. I am so excited that I get to play a small part in all the excitement! Wednesdays are going to be really good days.

The rest of my day seems pretty insignificant after I already told you about the most exciting part, but because I know you (Mom) want to know it all anyway, I will tell you.

Instead of having writing class today we had one on one conferences with Carolyn to discuss our papers. It was nice and quick. I just finished making some changes, and I think its a pretty decent paper. Bio was good, funny as usual. Prof. Smith makes everything a joke.

After work I took a walk to the temple. I had to spend an hour in nature for my art class, but sitting still was just too boring. And cold. When I got back I did my sketchbook and then went to dinner with Megan. We sat with this guy from Columbia and boy oh boy was he hilarious. Megan said something grammatically incorrect (like "her fell" or something along those lines) and he said "Do you speak English?" Hahahahahaha it was SO funny.

I consider today a pretty fantastic day. I still have a lot to do, but sometimes it doesn't matter how much you accomplish but what you accomplish. I have to say, if all I accomplished today was handing out mission calls, I would call it a success.

Best. Job. Ever.


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