Woke up late this morning. Whoops! Must have been really tired because I didn't hear my alarm or Caroline's (and her alarm goes off for like an hour). Luckily I heard her getting ready and got out of bed with about 20-30 minutes before my first class started. So I hurried to class looking like a hot mess. But I made it in time! That is the good news.

Today I had writing and biology. I don't really remember much so either I was half-asleep or classes were boring. Or both. Then after class I met up with Charly to get my id card back. We ended up going to breakfast and chatting about our life. It was good.

Finally I went home and showered. I hate not showering in the morning. I felt gross. But I guess it's my fault for not waking up on time.

This afternoon I was coming back upstairs from heating up my lunch when MacKenzie (my RA) invited me to come over and watch the Maury show. She said we needed to get our black people fix since we are a little black deprived out here in Utah. Kenzie cracks me up.

After that I went back to my room to do a little school work before heading off to dinner and then to the men's volleyball game. The game was super intense, but I had to leave early to go to work. Quinn talked me into covering for him for an hour and a half. Lucky duck. But working actually wasn't that bad.

It was a pretty slow night. And after the game was over Thomas came to visit and eventually Megan, Carine, and Greta showed up...with ice cream. It was fantastic. They waited for me to get off and then we played. Mostly we just talked. I've decided that's probably my alltime favorite thing to do: talk to people. I love having conversations. I love learning about people. It is my FAVORITE.

Overall, I consider today an A+ day. Which is saying something seeing as I woke up so late.

I really like where I'm at in life. I like my friends. I like school. I like who I am becoming. I like starting over. Things that were once important to me are quickly fading from important, to sort of important, to almost non-existent. Life changes and I think that is good. I am learning and growing each day. I don't have it all figured out just yet, but I have faith that things are going according to His plan.


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