Wednesday, February 29, 2012


If only the freezing weather could freeze time. That would be really convenient. I have wayyyy too much to do. I could really use a few extra hours. But alas, the snow just makes time look like it stands still. Life goes on. Snowmen are tackled.

Today for writing150 we had class in the library. My teacher is at a conference out of town, but we had a mandatory class in the library about how to use the research resources for our next paper. I'm still debating what topic to write my issues paper on. We had to come up with 3 ideas and email them to Carolyn. She really liked one of my topics, but unfortunately I think it would be the hardest to write. Arg, maybe I should just go for it. Decisions, decisions.

On the first day of bio, Greta sat in the front row. Soon she joined me in the back, but on that first day she was front and center. That was also the day the sign up sheet for spiritual thought was passed around. Since she was the first one to get the sign up sheet, Greta put her name down. Today was the big day. Her spiritual thought day. She had decided she didn't want to do it and emailed our TA, but when I got to class I saw her name written on the board for spiritual thought. I immediately texted her and she came to class late. Haha, too bad our TA noticed her. She still escaped giving spiritual thought, but the whole situation was just hilarious.

After class, I went to work. One of the boxes said it was a urinal. Haha, yes a urinal. But it wasn't too heavy so we're guessing it was either a recycled box or a portable urinal (did you even know such things existed?). Anyway, while we were on the topic of urination Lindsay told us about an invention called "Go-Girl". It's like a funnel so girls can pee in the woods, haha. I almost died. I am so buying them for all my friends for their birthdays. Don't worry, they are reusable and dishwasher safe.

Tonight consisted of dinner, Tavin's mission call opening (Mexico!), and a prospective missionary fireside by Elder Gerald N. Lund. He wrote the The Work and The Glory books. It was a really good fireside. One of my favorite things he said is that the purpose of missionary work is not to change peoples' minds but to open their hearts. Then we walked home in the snow. Oh, and Mitch came and home taught Caroline and I (gotta love leap year, a whole extra day to get in home/visiting teaching).

Well, I'm off to bed. I have to try to wake up in the morning and go observe the BYU preschool before class. Maybe. Or maybe I'll put it off for another day...hmmm...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's been a mild winter. I was kind of hoping we were just going to skip the whole winter thing, but today was cold and snowy. The snow is beautiful, but it is also cold. I don't mind snow on days I can stay inside in my pj's and watch movies. I like snow then. But walking to class in the snow isn't my favorite. I almost slipped and fell multiple times. In fact, I did slip down one stair. Luckily I was at the bottom of the stair case and caught myself, but it was mildly embarrassing.

This morning I woke up early and finished my BYU scholarship application (all fingers crossed). Then I headed off to Book of Mormon. Brother Johnson always has a lot of quotes. My favorite today was from President Eyring. He said, "When you meet someone treat them as if they were in serious trouble and you will be right more than half the time." You never know when someone needs a friend, so always assume they need a smile, a hug, or a listening ear.

After Book of Mormon I went to the Marriott with Cami and Ashley for a campus forum. This week's speaker was Dr. Ben Carson. He was the first doctor to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the back of the head. He was so funny and had a lot of good things to say. He started off with a disclaimer that he wasn't trying to offend anyone, but it is virtually impossible to speak to a large group without someone getting their panties in a wad (okay, so he didn't say it quite like that). Remember the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me"? Dr. Carson said that saying seems to be going out of style. It's true, I rarely hear anyone say that anymore. People nowadays get offended at things people say all the time. One of the things Dr. Carson talked about was not giving up. If at first you don't succeed, try again.
Do you know how the cleaner 409 got its name? The first 408 didn't work. They eventually quit naming them and just used numbers. No matter how long it takes, do not get discouraged. Keep at it, or you may never experience success.

Child development class was good. I always love that class. Kayla was kind enough to make me a copy of her notes from the day I had to skip to camp out for my apartment contract. She is the sweetest! Plus she takes really great notes.

When class was over, I came home and did laundry. Lots of laundry. Four loads. That's what I get for never doing my laundry, haha. Luckily all the machines were empty so I could do it all at once. And I was able to do homework at the same time. Then I had a TA paper review session for child development. Then dinner with Greta, Carine and Connor. Busy, busy. Then back to homework. Then intramural soccer game. It was a go go go kind of day.

Rio just posted this picture on my facebook, and it made my day:
It contains so many secret messages. The cleverness almost escaped me, but Rio clued me in. Now I just can't get over how funny it is. She's a genius. A hilarious genius. Love her. Ten points to anyone besides Rio who can decifer all the meanings behind this picture (other than the obvious - Rio loves me).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Peanut m&m's

8 o'clock classes can be a challenge. You drag yourself out of bed (using every fiber of willpower you can muster on not nearly enough sleep) and stumble to class. The last thing you want is to have to think really hard about something in your first class of the day. Normally writing isn't so bad. I listen, but I don't have to seriously think in that class very often. Today was different. Carolyn (my teacher) brought up something that made me think all day long. It was appalling to me that the thought had never occurred to me. How could I have gone 19 years without wondering? Topic of interest: peanut m&m's.
You've probably seen these little fellas. You've probably even eaten some. But have you ever stopped to think about the mystery of the shaping of peanut m&m's? Each m&m is unique. Some are bigger. Some are smaller. Some are a little misshapen. All according to the size and shape of the peanut. However, each peanut is coated with the same amount of chocolate and candy coating. HOW?! Obviously there isn't a mold, because the size and shape varies. I spent all day wondering. Also, how do they lay them out to dry? There isn't a flat side, so they can't dry flat.  Mystery. Okay, so really it's not a mystery anymore (Zack and I did some research) but I think I'll let you drive yourself nuts about this one until finally you can't stand it anymore and look it up yourself. Muahahahaha

When I got to work today, Cory thought it would be funny to tell me to move the box leaning against the shelves in the back. I went to move it, but it wasn't happening. The box contained a 100 pound weight set that a resident had ordered! I was really hoping the guy wouldn't come pick up his package during my shift, but no such luck. Normally we hand residents their packages over the desk. Ha, real funny right? Me, picking up a package that weighs over 100 lbs and handing it over the desk to this guy. Instead of even attempting that (since I could barely even scoot the package a few inches) Chelsey and I put the package on a dolly. Yes, it took two of us. I gave the guy his weights and said "I sure hope you live on the first floor." He doesn't. He lives on the THIRD floor. In a building without an elevator. He didn't seem to think that would be a problem, but I can't imagine lugging that baby up the stairs.

Another interesting package at work today was a flimsy oversized envelope. It had a sorry note on it from the post office and was in a clear bag. It looked like someone had spilled coffee on it, but then I smelled it: vanilla. When shaking the bag, Maraina thought it sounded like broken class. Sure enough when the girl came to pick up her package it was a completely shattered $20 glass bottle of vanilla. It wasn't just cracked, it looked like someone had run over it. Multiple times. You can hardly blame the post office though. I mean, who mails a glass bottle in an envelope?

Now I must tell you, I love my co-workers. Tim and I like to have frequent flashmobs at work. He does most of the dancing, but it makes me smile. Tim is on the ballroom dance team here at BYU, so I let him handle the choreography. Today I was standing at the desk, not even paying attention, and Tim came up behind me, grabbed my hand and started twirling me around dancing. We danced like a Disney princess and her prince at the ball, all fancy like. We even ended with a big dip. Then Quinn told us he was making it a non-dancing zone because we were embarrassing him. He's no fun. Quinn finds throwing stress balls at me more entertaining than Tim and I's dancing.

Quinn really can't complain that much about our dancing, because I covered part of his shift for him tonight. His ward was going tubing. Of course when he first told me he was going tubing, I thought he meant tubing down the Provo River. I thought he was insane but you know, whatever. Turns out they were going snow tubing. Quinn (and all of his friends, even the ones I don't know) now love making fun of me for thinking they were stupid enough to go tubing down the river in February.

Other random highlights of my day:
  • We got a new doorstop for our door (the last one went missing after Christmas)
  • I took a nap
  • I read a devotional Brad Wilcox (a professor here at BYU, whom I have met by the way) gave this past summer. I love the analogy he uses to describe grace. It's a must read. Make time to read it, Mom. Seriously. It's good stuff. My bishop posted it on our ward facebook page - isn't he the coolest? Anyway, here's the link: His Grace is Sufficient
  • I also watched a CES fireside President Uchtdorf gave, The Reflection in the Water. Jacob reccommended I watch it, and since I had to skip FHE to cover Quinn's shift, I decided I would watch the fireside as my own little FHE. My favorite part is question #2. Uchtdorf talks about soulmates and it just made me fall in love with my future husband...again. It's been a daily thing lately.
  • I talked to my big brother, Josh

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Today was a beautiful day. It seems like most Sundays are snowy, but today was gorgeous. The sun was shining and everything just seemed right with the world.

I woke up and went to church. Carine drew a lovely picture of our apartment buddies.
I taught Sunday school by myself today because Cameron was gone. I think he was traveling with the baseball team or something. But the lesson went pretty well. Relief Society was it's normal wonderful self.

The food in the Cannon was struggling today. I had an omelette and some ice cream. Nothing else looked very appetizing. Even though the food wasn't superb, I still missed hall meeting because I couldn't make myself leave the Cannon. I just like socializing entirely too much. And then Cooper lost his ipod, so I had to help him look for it. We didn't find it, but I think it'll show up. All fingers crossed.

The best part of the day was the stake relief society fireside. We focused on receiving answers to questions through personal revelation. It was really good. There were two musical numbers that brought a really strong spirit. The stake relief society president and the stake president both spoke. Something I found interesting/humorous was that we pray for patience, but we want patience now.

After the fireside, the evening was pretty chill. I looked at a lot of old pictures. I love pictures. I love memories. I am so thankful for everything that has happened in my life. Sometimes I wish I would have documented my life more, but I guess now is a good time to start. And having this blog definitely helps.

Ward prayer tonight was good. I stayed and talked afterwards (duh). At one point, I heard beautiful piano music. I looked over, and Megan had left the group and gone to the piano. She was just making it up as she went, and I was in awe. I am so lucky to have such a talented friend. And not just talented at the piano. Megan is a wonderful friend in every way. Just today on the way back from the fireside we were talking about how evident it is that God knows us because He places certain people in our lives. I am so thankful to have a friend I can trust, laugh with, have spiritual conversations with, and be myself around. She is truly an answer to prayers.

Lately I have been more aware than usual that Heavenly Father loves me. He knows me. He knows what I need WAY better than I do. He's taking care of me, even when I don't realize it. His plan for me is so much better than any plans I had for myself.

Quote from relief society:
"When you go through trials and you wonder where God is REMEMBER: the teacher is always quiet when giving a test."

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well Ladies and Gents, it's  official. I have signed the contract. The apartment I've been dreaming of? Mine. It is the most perfect first apartment I could ever wish for. No, it's not super fancy. But a first apartment shouldn't be fancy. It is close to campus. Cheap. Recently renovated. I love it!  Not only is the apartment itself great, but so are my roomies--Meg, Greta and Chloe. I love those girls and I am so excited to share an apartment with them next year. Plus Carine come winter semester!

The line of tents was ridiculously long, and this morning even more people showed up (I guess they didn't get the campout memo)! We were the third tent, and camping out for the extra bit before the line got long was definitely worth it - we didn't have to stress about not getting in or getting split up!

We ended up having a lot of fun camping out. Good bonding time. We found it hilarious that the tent had a doggie door, so they named me the "apartment pet" and took pictures of me out of the lil baby door.

Chloe and Greta

The wait is over. I have an apartment. I'm a big kid! I feel so grown up and so young all at once. Today was a big step.  An exciting big step. Things are falling into place, one piece at a time.

with our contracts!
It was an exciting morning. After signing our contracts, we went to lunch - my first good, solid meal since Wednesday night (you can only survive on poptarts for so long...). Then we headed over to the gymnastics meet. One of the teams was REALLY good. It was crazy. But those things stress me out. I'm always scared someone will get hurt. I had to leave early anyway though because I had to get to work.

A guy from my ward is opening his mission call in an hour, and I'm debating on whether or not to go. I am exhausted. But I love mission call openings. It is quite the predicament. Maybe I should just go to bed...sigh, but then again what's another hour? Decisions, decisions.

So many decisions. Some simple. Some really hard. I'm glad I don't have to figure everything out all at once. I like this one step at a time thing. Growing up is a lot to take in. I'm glad it doesn't happen overnight. I like this stage of life. I like every day. I don't like every moment of every day, but even the moments I don't like are important. So I am grateful for every moment.

Things have a way of working out for the best.

Not in a tent

Yes, that's right. I am writing this blog post from the comfort of my very own room. I escaped sleeping in the tent overnight. Again. I'm sure I'll never live it down. I'll always be the weenie baby who escaped the cold, but I mean if the opportunity presents itself, you take it.

I woke up this morning and went to bio with Greta. Dan (the annoying TA) taught class because Prof. Smith is in Alaska studying bears. Dan is really smart. He knows his stuff. But that can also be very annoying. He thinks everyone is on his level so everything he says goes straight over my head. Dan is also pretty awkward. So when he made a sex joke, I about died laughing. We were talking about cloning and the ethical reasons not to clone humans. Then Dan said "I mean, as long as making humans the traditional way is so much fun...why would anyone want to clone?" Oh Dan...

After bio I went immediately to the tent. And I stayed there. For twelve hours. Okay, that is kind of a lie. I left for about an hour to take a test. But other than that, I was in the tent. It wasn't so bad. It was a pretty day and I was able to get some homework done. We have been really lucky to have nice weather, because last year people had to camp out in the snow.

Dave (the owner of the apartments) put burgers on the grill for us tonight. He is the best. He came and talked to us several times throughout the course of the day. He would knock on our tent door and ask how his favorite girls were doing. I love that we already have an in with him! We've even met his daughter and girlfriend! I heard Dave tell the manager that we're the girls they need to spoil this year. There are only 44 contracts open, but we're a sure in and there's room for us all to be together. They told us the room number that we will most likely be in, so we went and checked it out. The girl living there let us in and the apartment is really nice. It was renovated either last year or the year before, so everything is pretty new. The couches are wayyyy nicer than the ones we had seen in previous apartments. Plus we found out that one of our apartment mates that already lives there is leaving on a mission next winter, which means our friend Carine can probably live with us when she gets back from her study abroad! Things seem to be working out perfectly.

Greta, Chloe, and Audrey offered to sleep in the tent tonight, so I came back to the dorms around 10:30. I was super tired, but I needed to make a copy of my ID for contract signing tomorrow. Of course making a simple copy turned into talking to Quinn. Then I ended up hanging out with people in the lobby until 1:30. What was I thinking? I still have to wake up early to get back to the tent for contract signing! Ahhh sometimes I am just not very smart.

Tonight I am thankful to be in my bed - not in the tent.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Skipping class to chill in a tent

Today was the big day. The start of the campout for contracts! We are the 3rd tent in line, which mean (drum roll please) WE'RE IN! The official contract has not been signed (we have to wait until Saturday) but we talked to the manager and there are enough open spots so we are for sure going to get our apartment! And we're far enough up in line that we'll all get to stay together! I am beyond excited. Stress mode off. Endurance on.

They decided to post some rules today for camping out. Most of them did not change anything for us, but one did. We have to have 2 people in the tent at all times. We had only planned on one during the day and then more at night, but we had to quickly change our plans. I had to skip class, but I think this apartment is worth it. Plus Kayla offered to give me a copy of her notes - she is the best! So I sat in the tent all day. Luckily the weather was nice, so it wasn't bad. It got chilly at night, but when you're in the tent covered in blankets it's nice and cozy.

I left the tent for a little while this afternoon to go to work and give an incoming freshman a room tour. He was super nice. I was a bit worried that I would see a boy coming out of the showers because Chelsey said that happens sometimes. But I yelled woman on the floor real loud and didn't have any problems. Thank goodness. That would have been awkward. But the tour went good and I'm pretty positive I convinced him to live in Helaman next year.

After the tour, I headed back to the tent. It was windy and cold. But inside the tent was nice. Brandy (one of the girls in the tent behind us) came over and sat with us in our tent for awhile. She even shared her pizza with us. Then the owner of the apartments came outside and asked if he could take pictures of us camping out (good publicity). We ended up talking to him for a long time. He is great. Super funny and super helpful. He gave us all kinds of advice - from school advice to which apartment we should try to get in (he told us the apartment numbers that he is going to completely renovate this summer!). He told us why the apartments are so cheap. He said he's retired and he doesn't really need the money, so he likes to help us out by keeping it cheap. Plus he doesn't want to make more money and move up a tax bracket because he doesn't like giving the government money, he would rather help poor college kids. I'm so glad that the management there is so great. Next year is going to be a good year.

I thought I was going to have to sleep in the tent tonight, but Meg and Carine volunteered. Carine isn't even living with us (she's doing a study abroad in Paris!) but she wanted to have an adventure and begged to stay in the tent. So I jumped on the opportunity to sleep in my warm bed. I'll go relieve them in the morning after bio though. And I'll probably spend most of the day tomorrow in the tent. I have a pretty free schedule, so I'll just sit in the tent and do homework. And we're all going to sleep in the tent Friday night. Plus Dave (the owner) said he'd probably bring us food or have a BBQ or something - love him.

I'm going to attempt to do tomorrow's blog post on my phone, but if it doesn't work don't worry. I'll just write it all out and post in Saturday morning.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WARNING: boring post

Woke up this morning. Went to class. At 8 a.m. Writing. Then biology. Then came home, changed and went to work. The routine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing noteworthy.

And then I came home. Home to the dorms. I like this place, but I am ready for a real apartment. I went to the basement and made cookies while I read for child development. I cannot wait to have a kitchen next year! I'm so excited that I'll be able to cook and study at the same time without lugging everything down to the basement.

Speaking of apartments...tomorrow starts the campout. Greta went by tonight and there is already a tent up! Lame. But it's late, and cold, and rainy so we're starting our camp out tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too late! I really want that apartment. Ahhh!

Anyway, I can't think about apartments anymore. It stresses me out.

Tonight I went to two intermural games. Thomas, Chase, Devin and I went to Meg, Greta, and Chloe's basketball game. We were really good at cheering them on. Then we all headed over to Tara's soccer game. The soccer game was pretty intense. I mean, I got a little distracted playing with the turf but there was some pretty fancy footwork on the field. Very impressive.

After the games were over we went to play basketball. Outside. In the rain. Oh, and by we I definitely mean I just watched, haha. 1.) I was not dressed to play basketball 2.) I don't like playing with people who know what they're doing 3.) I knew I wasn't going to stay the whole time. It was fun though. Quinn dropped by for a little bit and we shot around. Then I left. My toes were cold.

Sometimes I have a really hard time filling up the necessary 15 minutes for this blog. Mostly I have that problem on days like today. Days when I don't do that much worth blogging about. I just think a lot. Someone once told me that I am really open on my blog. False. I'm not that open at all. I tell stories. I tell all about my day. But I don't really talk about what I think. Mostly because I'm not exactly sure who reads my blog and I'm not taking any chances. So really, if you think you're getting the good stuff just by reading my blog, you're wrong.

I think it's time to go enjoy my bed. It might be the last night for awhile that I actually get to sleep in my bed instead of a tent. I have a feeling I will really appreciate my bed after this tent experience.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday is Monday

Today is Tuesday. But everything about today was like a Monday. Although I must admit, I like Tuesdays for Mondays a lot more than Mondays for Mondays.

My first class of the day was cancelled, so I got to sleep in. Score. I got to talk to Hannah this morning before bio. She's on a study abroad in Jerusalem, and I haven't talked to her in forever. It was nice to get all caught up on everything. She makes me laugh. A lot. She gives the best/funniest advice. Love her. Bio was its normal lame self, but at least it's not hard. Thank goodnes for that.

Work today was super busy. Craziness. But that helps the day go by fast. Plus since there was a lot of mail, someone was there through my entire shift working on tagging packages so I never got lonely :) One boy at work was really rude today. He locked himself out of his room in a towel and evidently that's my fault. Or at least that's how he was acting. Rude. Lindsay got very mad that he was talking so mean to me and told him to stop, haha I just hurried and got him a loaner key and told him I hoped his day got better. Also, this girl came to the front desk saying she got a phone call saying that she needed to sign for an urgent package. I was really confused because neither Lindsay nor I had called her and we had no idea what the package could be. We were in the mailroom digging through all the mail that had just been delivered and then I saw the girl crying! I told Lindsay it must be a very important package and we had to find it immediately. Then I heard a man say "She found her package!" It was her parents! They had suprised her and had someone call and make up a story about her needing to sign for an urgent package. It was so sweet. The tears were happy tears - my favorite.

After work, I did some schoolwork and then went to dinner. I remember laughing at Megan a lot at dinner, but I forget why... Anyway, after dinner I went to work to print off my rough draft of a paper due tomorrow. Quinn was being a weirdo, as usual. Megan got really excited because while we were there Jesse came to get a package and it had a bunch of those big air packets in it for packaging. He gave it to Megan and later on when I walked into the hall I heard what sounded like gunshots. It was just Megan though. Popping her air bubbles. Haha, several girls on my floor came out into the hall and asked what was going on. I reassured them all that it was just Megan and then went to tell her that she was causing quite a ruckus. She was, of course, very proud of herself. Thomas brought up a good point: if all the girls go out in the hall when they hear something that sounds like gunshots, we're all goners. So let's hope we never have a shooter.

I ended up sitting in the 3100 hall for entirely too long talking. I should have been doing homework. But then again, I did do a lot of homework yesterday. So I guess it's okay. I'm so excited to sign for our apartment later this week! Just sitting in the hall and talking to my future apartmentmates made me a billion times more excited. Next year is going to be GREAT.

Life is good.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Thank you, Mr. President

NO SCHOOL! Wooh! I am a big fan of President's Day. I love not having school. Every weekend should be a three day weekend. It gives you time to have fun and get things accomplished.  It's perfect.

I slept in for a bit this morning, then hit the ground running writing my rough draft for my writing class. We had to email it out for peer review (class is cancelled for tomorrow!) and let me tell ya, one of the boys I sent it to had a lot of comments. It could have been really annoying, but they were actually helpful so I appreciate it. I also did some reading for bio and child development today. I really tried to get caught up/ahead. It semi-worked.

Of course I had to take a break from my productivity and watch Once Upon a Time. And call my mom. And talk to my grandma. And paint my nails. But really those things are productive in their own way. I can't think of why Once Upon a Time and painting my nails is especially productive at the moment, but I'm sure given enough time I could think of something. But my phone calls with mom and grandma were definitely productive. Grandma said I can drive my grandpa's car for the summer! I'm super excited to have that freedom. Total blessing.

My mom told me a disturbing story when I talked to her. An elderly couple she knew through church was murdered this weekend. Well, the woman is still hanging on to life but unconcious. The man and son were both dead. Their throats were slit. All to steal a coin collection. An expensive coin collection, but why couldn't they just steal it when no one was home? It breaks my heart. People are sick.

On a happier note, Greta, Thomas, Easton and I made cookies tonight. Joe tried to make me jealous over Skype yesterday eating oatmeal cookies so I made some for myself tonight :) Ha! I was planning on making the cookies this morning but never got around to it. Then when Thomas texted me bored I had the perfect excuse to close my books and make cookies. There were a million people in our basement, so we ended up using the boys' kitchen. It was disgusting. Yuck. We had to clean it before we could even think about making cookies. We got it all cleaned up pretty quick and made delicious cookies. They weren't as good as Mom's, but they were pretty good. Definitely edible. The cookie dough is delicious...I still have some in my fridge. I love cookies. And cooking. I'm not sure when I decided I like making treats, but I've been on a roll lately.

I guess I should go be productive for a little longer before I go to sleep. It's gonna be a crazy and wonderful week - ending with contract signing for our apartment! Yay!!!

over one thousand!

Every now and then I like to look at my blog stats. It's interesting to see how many people have viewed my blog each day (even though I'm assuming most of the views are Mom looking at my blog multiple times). Well, I hadn't checked the stats in a couple days, and guess what? My blog has had over one THOUSAND views since I started it in January. Crazy. I feel loved <3

Today was a fairly average, fairly wonderful day. I woke up and went to church. It was good, as usual. Then I ate lunch at the Cannon. Sub-par. And that's about it, haha.

After lunch I got to skype my family. Love them. I miss them like crazy. They tried to make me jealous with their freshly baked cookies, but they did not succeed. Little did they know that I have all the ingredients to make cookies  and I just might do that tomorrow. If I finish my paper in time...

At some point this afternoon, I fell asleep. I'm not exactly sure how long I was sleeping, but it was a good nap. Unfortunately, that means I don't really have any exciting stories to tell - I just slept all day.

I had to work the night shift tonight. Sundays are pretty quiet at work. All I really had to do was unlock and lock doors for people. So basically I got paid to prepare my Sunday school lesson for next week. Score.

When Quinn came in to help me count out and lock up, we had another heart to heart. We talked about people and relationships. It was interesting. I like talking to Quinn now that he isn't constantly being rude to me, haha.

So you know how people always say there's at least one girl from every freshman ward that gets married? Well ladies and gentlemen, Chelsea is engaged. She is new to our ward this semester. She waited to start college until her missionary came home from his mission, and now they are happily engaged. You can all stop worrying now, I won't be the one.

When I got home from work Caroline freaked out trying to get me to promise not to let her marry a musician. She said she needs a business man and musicians just aren't good at emotions. I told her I could halfway promise, but if he was really great...I'd have to let her marry him. She is currently very upset that I won't stand in the way of true love just so she won't marry a musician. Whatever, Caroline. Haha, I love her. Never a dull moment in room 2118.

Time to get some sleep so I'll be fully ready to knock out my paper tomorrow. Wooh!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today was sort of the BEST DAY EVER

Okay, so maybe today wasn't the best day ever, but it was pretty dang good.

Greta has her siblings' car for the weekend, so we made good use of it and got off campus. I spend 99.9% of my time on campus. So getting away is nice every now and then. We were going to go to the tumble gym, but it was super crowded so we changed our plans. We ended up going to DI (kind of like a Goodwill) and we found some really great stuff! I got two shirts, a skirt, a belt, and a dress all for under $20! The dress is kind of funny. I got it in the kids section...and it definitely looks like a little kid dress. But it reminded me of the good ole days so I bought it anyway. Haha, pictures to come when I wear it.

After DI we went to Zuppas for lunch - so good! I got a yummy turkey, bacon, avacado grilled panini and wisconsin cauliflower soup, mmmmm. The meal came with a chocolate covered strawberry, but while we were waiting for Tara we decided to buy dessert - sinful 7 cake. Delicious. Today was a day of splurging, but since I never get off campus, I decided to just make the best of it and go all out.

When we were done eating we headed over to WalMart. I started buying some kitchen things :) I feel like such an adult, haha. I figured I might as well start buying things little by little because I'll need it all next year. Lately I've been in a treat making mood. Tonight I made pay-pay mix. Next in the line up is oatmeal cookies.

Tonight Megan and I went to see Caroline perform in the Philharmonic. It was amazing. Now, I'm not an orchestra type person. Normally that kind of music doesn't appeal to me, but this was unbelievable. The conductor explained the story the music was going to tell before they played, so I could follow along and understand what was happening. The whole thing was a love story. Caroline rocked the harp. Seriously. She did so well. I thought the harp would get lost in all the instruments, but I was pleasantly suprised that I could hear her very well. I made sure to watch her so that I would be able to pick out which notes where her. I just wanted to tell everyone in the room that Harp #1 was MY roommate. She's the bomb.

Caroline's family came, and it was so good to see them again. Guess who else came? President Uchtdorf! He was probably 8 rows in front of me. I love running into general authorities. Two in one weekend! Guess that means I'm choosing good places to go, haha. Unfortunately I never get to actually meet them, but it's still cool to be in their presence.

Uchtdorf is the man standing in the middle, Cecil Samuelson (BYU President) is on the right
Such a good day. I love my life.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today started out pretty average. Writing. Bio. Laundry. Conference with my writing teacher. Homework. But today ended up pretty spectacular.

Megan, Greta, Carine, Chloe and I went to the tennis matches to cheer on Francis and Keaton...and get free pizza. Okay, so the free pizza was a big factor in us deciding to go. But I won't lie, its pretty hard to tell a boy with a beautiful accent that you won't go to his match when he asks you with all that English charm. Megan and I were able to take our picture with Tennis Cosmo (we've been taking a picture with Cosmo from every sport).

We left after the doubles were over and headed to the men's volleyball game. Cooper and Easton had gone early to save us seats, so we had awesome front row seats in the balcony thing. We were even on tv! Cooper and Easton were part of the halftime game and Cooper won a $25 gift card. My friends have skills. Megan and I also got a picture with Volleyball Cosmo (which I think we already had, but I'm too lazy to check...)

So, funny story. Elder Neil L. Andersen was at the volleyball game. For those of you who don't know, Elder Andersen is an apostle. It was kind of crazy to see him at a sporting event. Well, there were some empty seats behind him... He was sitting in the actual chairs instead of the bleachers, and we weren't really sure if we were allowed to sit in the chairs, but we decided to try. We just really wanted to get close to Elder Andersen! Well, we were not allowed to sit in those seats. Haha, but they didn't stop us until after we had already sat down. Which means, I was within handshaking distance of an apostle! Super cool. But then they asked us to leave because we didn't have the tickets for those seats. I guess I can check off "get in trouble in front of an apostle" off my bucketlist. Note: that was not really on my bucketlist. Anyway, I got a blurry picture of him from our balcony seats. He's the one wearing a suit and bright blue tie. Third row.

When the game was over (we won, by the way) we went to the Creamery to get celebratory ice cream. Then we headed over to the Cannon to hang out. Eventually it ended up being just Megan and I talking to Quinn (he was working the front desk). It's kind of complicated and personal, but Quinn prompted Megan and I to have a really good discussion. At first it was awkward. Neither of us wanted to talk about the subject at hand, but it was so good that we did. We were able to talk openly and not get upset or offended. I am so blessed to have a friend like Megan. I truly believe Heavenly Father played a big role in bringing her into my life. I need a friend like Megan. She sets such a good example for me and always gives the best advice.

Tonight I realized that I don't just have a best friend; I have the BEST friend anyone could ever ask for.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What heaven sees in you

My morning started out quite...interesting. I woke up early to study for my child development test (which I aced by the way). I decided to go to the Blue Line Deli to get breakfast and study. It was really quite at first - the perfect study environment. After awhile it got a little busier, and soon three men sat at a nearby table. They were older (as in mid-late 20s). Receding hairlines. Married. I was trying to study, but their conversation was so interesting. They were discussing the "big news" on campus. A boy wrote a girl, whom he did not know, a note regarding modesty.

The girl and the note
In this situation, the girl's dress did not come to her knees and it is clearly stated in the honor code (which every student signs) that skirts/dresses must come to the knees, even if worn with leggings. When signing the honor code you agree to encourage others to abide by the honor code as well. The three guys were discussing whether or not it is a students responsibility to tell other students that they are not dressed modestly. One guy was convinced that because he signed the honor code, it was his duty to enforce it. The others were less sure. The debate went on for quite some time. As I was getting up to go to class, I decided to walk over and throw in my opinion. They ended up inviting me to sit and join in the conversation. I couldn't stay long, but I still find it absolutely hilarious that I started my day off by discussing modesty with three strangers. I love BYU.

Every Thursday we have a staff meeting at work. Today's meeting was particularly impactful. Jay told us a story. He told us about his bedtime routine with his daughters. One night, he was leaving their room after putting them to bed and he stood in the doorway and looked at them. Their bedtime music was still playing, and this song came on...

Jay's eyes filled with tears (oh, the love of a father for his daughters) when he told us about this experience. He saw his daughters and thought of who they would become. All of their potential.

While the song was playing I thought of my little sister, Livia. I gave her a CD with this song on it at her baptism. I miss her so much. She is my hero. I think of everything she's gone through, and all that she still has to experience (junior high...ick) but I know she can do it. She is so beautiful and so strong. Livia is what gives me the strength to make good choices even when I don't particularly want to. High school wasn't always easy. I didn't have a solid friend base that supported my good decisions. But I did it. For Livia. I never want to let her down. I want to set a good example. And that's what gives me my strength. As I was sitting there, in a room full of my co-workers, I almost cried just thinking about how beautiful Livia is going to look on her wedding day. I always want to be worthy to go to the temple with my baby sister to see her get married for time and all eternity.

But I didn't cry. Nope. Not while the song was playing. But then Jay, with tears in his eyes, asked everyone to look at me and say what they saw. Then he asked them to put on "heaven glasses" and say what they saw when they looked at me then. I probably could have even made it through that part without tears, but Jay didn't stop there. Jay went on to tell me how much I am worth to my Heavenly Father. He bore powerful testimony of the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for me. Christ would have come to this earth and died just for me. That's when my entire day changed.

For the rest of the day, I tried to see people as Heavenly Father sees them. And I tried to see myself that way too. The world is such a beautiful place if you just put on your "heavenly perspective glasses".

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I am exhausted. I really need to make more time for sleep in my life, starting tonight. Immediately after writing this post I will go to bed. If all goes according to plan, I will get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight. I'm really excited, haha :)

Today was one of those busy days that left me very little to blog about. I went to class, went to work, and did a lot of homework. I even spent under an hour at dinner! That is a very big deal. It isn't uncommon for us to spend 2+ hours at dinner playing around, but I just had too much to do today. Yuck. Luckily I was able to get a good amount accomplished today. And I think that with a little studying in the morning, I will be ready to take my child development test tomorrow afternoon. Then hopefully this weekend I'll be disciplined enough to catch up and maybe even get ahead in some of my classes.

Funny moment of the day:
In case you keep up with me on facebook, yes, this is what my status was about. So on Wednesdays boys are allowed to come in the girls' dorms from 7-9pm. Being the party-pooping-studiers tonight, Caroline and I had our door shut and were working on homework. Well, our room is a pretty free place (don't kill me Caroline) so Caroline was just in her shirt and panties. Then...she opened the door to go to the restroom forgetting that it was visiting hours and she was in her panties! Hahahahahahaha, I died. I tried to tell her to stop. It's visiting hours. There are boys. But I couldn't stop laughing long enough to form a coherent sentence. Luckily she got the message and hurried back inside the room without being seen. Close call.

That's really been the only excitement in my life for the past several hours. Mostly I'm just brain dead from studying so much. I need sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Thank goodness this weekend is extra long!

I always think of things I should have written about immediately after I post something on here, but then it's too late. I guess I could just keep a list. Or I could just not worry about the minute details you are missing from my day. It'd be pretty impossible to write everything anyway.

Yes! 15 minutes are up. GOODNIGHTTTTT!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love you

Happy Valentine's Day! It seems like people have such strong feelings about Valentine's Day. People either really like it or really hate it. I'm on the loving it side. Which is kind of weird seeing as I'm single. But I've always loved Valentine's Day. Maybe because I love chocolate. Maybe because I love love. This Valentine's Day had the potential to be really sad, but instead it turned out to be the best Valentine's Day yet.

My gift to myself this Valentine's Day was going to bed early last night. It was fantastic. I was going to get so much sleep. But then...the fire alarm went off. Not the best thing in the world to wake up to. Caroline has trouble waking up (her alarm goes off 5 billion times before she actually gets out of bed) so I had to yell at her and tell her the fire alarm was going off and she had to get out of bed. I slipped on my shower flip flops since they were the most accessible shoes and ran outside in my pj's. It was cold. Very cold. We all huddled together for warmth, but I was still cold. Luckily it was nothing big. Someone had lit a candle (which is against the rules) and the smoke detector caught it. After being sternly reminded of the rules, they let us go back in and go to bed. My bed has never felt so warm. I love my bed, happy Valentine's Day to my dear bed and the best cuddler ever: Mr. Froggy.

Earlier this week I thought Valentine's Day would pretty much go uncelebrated. It turned out to be just the opposite. This was by far the most celebrated day of love ever. Before bed I heart attacked a few girls' doors (Carine's door was heart attacked too, but I didn't get a picture).

 And I left hearts for Caroline on her desk...

And I even decorated my desk with sparkly hearts that my mom sent me! Yes, I took this picture while watching devotional on my computer because I was too lazy to walk to the Marriott.

I was pretty excited about all my little Valentine's decorations, but that was nothing compared to the rest of the day. When I opened the door this morning I found an adorable heart (with candy) and a sweet message from Ariel. She is so sweet!

Then I noticed an equally adorable note outside the door from Aricka! Seriously, I have the best hallmates ever. They are the greatest.

Oh but wait, that isn't even the end of my Valentine's Day suprises! Megan brought Caroline and I cookies and Caroline got me sparkly candy and a sweet note!

There was also a chocolate fountain at dinner. I had chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered angel food cake, chocolate pretzels, and chocolate covered rice krispie treats! Hey, it was unlimited and I like chocolate... Chase joined us for dinner and then tried to convince us that homework was unacceptable on Valentine's Day. He lost. But if you can't beat them, join them. So Chase ended up studying with us. Let's be honest though, not much studying really happened.

After giving up on homework we went to MacKenzie's room to start watching Pride and Prejudice (the super long 5 hour version). Such a good movie. But none of us could watch the whole thing tonight so we're watching it in segments.

Now for my favorite part of the day (sorry, I went out of order). I went to the temple today. I've decided to make going to the temple a Valentine's Day tradition. Future husband better just accept it, because I'm pretty determined. What better way to spend Valentine's Day then by helping others spend eternity with their valentine?

I wish I could tell my valentine how much I love him, but I haven't met him yet. So I'll just have to blog it out.

Dear future husband,

     I love you. I don't know you yet, but I think of you often. One day we'll spend Valentine's Day together. It's weird to think that you exist at this very moment but I don't know you. I wonder what you're doing. I wonder how you celebrated Valentine's Day this year. I pray for you a lot. And for any girlfriends you may have. Y'all better be good! Ahhhh I just love you so much already!!!!!! I would say hurry up and get in my life, but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. But don't wait too long. You're the best. I just know it. I LOVE YOU.
Your future wife

This really has been my favorite Valentine's Day of all time. I am so happy. I am so loved. Life is good.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get

Busy, busy day. Woke up, had back to back classes, and then worked until 3:30. Then dinner at 5:30 and FHE at 7:00. I think it's about homework time. Yuck. But first I get to spend 15 glorious minutes blogging. I am so thankful that I have an excuse to make blogging a priority. I like writing about my day.

I have nothing to say about my classes today. They were fairly boring. Work on the other hand was super crazy. Everyone and their brother are getting Valentine's Day packages. The mail kept coming and coming. The mail room was overflowing. It was a bit ridiculous, but it helped the work day pass super fast. Best part? In the midst of the mountains of packages was a package just for me :)

We were super busy, so I didn't think much of my package. I put it by my bag and went on working. Little did I know that that package would be the best package ever. When I got home I immediately opened it. Guess what I found? Chocolates from my daddy! I wanted Valentine's chocolates so much!!! I was sad because I thought this would be the first year of my life to go chocolate-less, but no, Dad did not let that happen. He also included a beautiful, sappy card. It's the best. I love it. Mom added in some delicious peppermint marshmallow bits and one of my all time favorite books: You Are Special. The book was on my list of books needed before I have kids, so I'm not quite sure if Mom was trying to tell me she wants more grandbabies or what, but she's just going to have to wait ;)

My package really did make my day. It was absolutely perfect. I think my friends are probably already annoyed at me for going on and on about how much I love my package, but I just can't help it! Thank you mom and dad.

Haha, funny story: so when I got my package I posted a facebook status about how this is already the best Valentine's Day ever. Everyone thought it was because of some silly boy. Little do they know, my only Valentine is my dad. Anyway, people keep commenting on my status and texting me to get the inside scoop. I was about to comment on my status and explain that the status was about the package from my parents, but then Caroline stopped me. She decided it would be much more fun if I just put a smiley face and didn't explain. At least not until after Valentine's day is over. We think we're clever and funny. But I figure if you care enough to read my blog, you deserve to know the truth.

Dinner tonight was great. I was super hungry, so the food tasted extra yummy. I wanted to get some of the special chocolate week "chocolate soup" for dessert, but it was all gone :( I am not good at making decisions, so since Plan A for dessert was ruined I just got a tray full of different desserts. Everyone at the table laughed when I came back with 5 different sweets. But it was so good!

FHE tonight was supposed to be playing in the snow, but it all melted throughout the day. To be honest, I'm kinda glad because I don't really like to be outside when it's cold. Instead we made cookies and decorated them. Much more fun. Then a certain boy gave me flowers to give to a certain girl tomorrow. I'm supposed to be keeping it a secret, but all will be revealed tomorrow.

Today was a beautiful day. I love my life. I am thankful I am me. I am thankful for my family. And I'm thankful for all the people in my life.

It's true, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get, but you know it will always turn out wonderful because hey, it's chocolate.

TEN. not nine.

Correction from last night's post: Livia is in fact TEN, not nine. My bad, Liv. However, my feeling about the rose/winking situation have not changed. I still think that boy needs to back off.

Today was spectacular and quite busy. I woke up and went to church. Sacrament meeting was amazing. The talks were all good and we had two special musical numbers. David sang a song and totally killed it. So good. Then Caroline played a lovely harp piece. Their shared talents really brought a special spirit to the meeting. Absolutely loved it. Cameron and I taught Sunday school today. I brought my Valentine's Day cookies to share and they were a big hit. Overall I think the lesson went pretty well, but next time we teach it will be even better. After church all of the Sunday school teachers had a meeting where Thomas and Isaac taught us how to be more effective teachers. They had some really good suggestions and totally pumped me up to be a better teacher.

Lunch/Dinner at the Cannon today was pretty good. I love Sundays in the Cannon because they always have good ice cream. I almost forgot Sundays are ice cream days, but luckily Sarah reminded me before I settled for a rice krispy treat. Somehow the dinner conversation turned to shortening people's names. I'm not quite sure how it all went down, but Coopers decided I was Lil Lees. Like lily. So then I became Lily, which really isn't shorter than Lisa at all. When I came back from getting a bowl of ice cream, Cooper had made me a "lily" (it looks more like a rose) out of a napkin. Megan was jealous so Coop made her one as well.

 I was absolutely exhausted after we finished eating, so I took a short power nap before heading off to the visiting teaching conference. The conference was actually super good. Several girls shared stories about how visiting teaching can really make an impact and then we had refreshments (duh). Fresh strawberries mmmm...

This afternoon I spent a lot of time reading the new For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. It is so good! I absolutely love all of the additions. They are perfect. Then I skyped my family :) I love them. Dad made some lame jokes, Mom told me I'm great, and Liv reminded me how much she loves and misses me. They are the best.

Megan came over when I was done skyping and we headed over to the boys' dorms. We were originally going to visit Mitchell, but we ended up in Easton's room with Easton and Thomas. We stayed there until it was time for ward prayer and then went back to our lobby.

After ward prayer we stayed and talked. For a long time. As usual. Slowly the group got smaller and smaller until finally it was just me, Meg, Thomas and Dunia left. We had some good conversation and learned a little more about each other. Including learning about Thomas's rebellious days in the third grade. When we were coming upstairs for the night Dunia was still laughing about Thomas tying everyone's shoes together when he was younger. I thought I was going to have to carry her up the stairs she was laughing so hard.

Someone asked to be included in tonight's post, but at the moment I can't remember who it was. So if it was you, and you're reading this, I'm sorry. Remind me.

Well, busy day tomorrow. Work should be super crazy with people picking up Valentine's packages. Better get some sleep for Marathon Monday (which is really what every Monday feels like).

Goodnight lil baby blog.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

busy, busy (in a good way)

FINALLY sitting down to write this post (at 1 a.m.). Boy oh boy am I exhausted. It has been a crazy busy day, but in a good kind of way.

I worked an earlier shift than usual today which was kind of nice. I worked from 10:30-3:30. I was able to get a lot accomplished and also have some fun. Sometimes when I'm working I feel really bad when people know my name and I don't know theres, then I remember I'm wearing a name tag. Anyway, there was a group of people studying in a room with a large window facing the desk I work at. They started knocking on the window and putting notes up for me to see. Haha, totally made my day.

After work I made Valentine's Day cookies for Sunday School tomorrow. They actually turned out pretty well :) They're peanut butter with chocolate hearts. Thank you Pinterest for the awesome idea. Plus now I have left over flour, sugar, and such so I'm going to have to do some more baking!

When the cookies were done I went to dinner to meet Michael. I have been oh so excited to meet Michael (Thomas's brother). He may or may not have been a little scared at my hyperactivity. He was actually very funny. A lot like Thomas. 

After dinner I went to the movies with Joe. We watched The Vow..err...I mean "Mission Impossible". Joe said we had to lie because he was embarrassed, but you know what? This is my blog. And we saw The Vow. Haha, it was pretty good. I didn't really like the ending. It was like Where the Wild Things Are, nothing was solved - they just ate. That's why America is so obese. We don't solve anything. We just eat.

On the way home, we saw floating lanterns just like in Tangled! It was super neat. I tried to take pictures, but they didn't turn out so well.

I should really go to bed since tomorrow is going to be another busy day, but first I have a tiny rant: Since when did my baby sister get old enough to get winked at?!?!? She texted me today telling me about a cute boy who gave her a rose and winked at her! She is nine. I don't know who that boy thinks he is, but he can't have her. Not yet. She's MY Valentine and I'm not sharing.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'd give today a 9.8

I finally got to hear Caroline play the harp today! After I was done with classes I stayed on campus and studied until she was in the practice rooms and then I went and she played me a song. Absolutely beautiful. It was amazing. I am in awe of her talent. I love my roomie the mostest :)

I did a lot of homework this afternoon, but that meant I could have a lot of fun tonight. After dinner Meg, Greta, Carine, Thomas, Mark, Easton and I went to the gymnastics meet. It was intense. The whole time I kept thinking about that movie Breaking Free where the girl gets into an accident at a gymnastic's competition and goes blind. One girl had a scary fall, but she ended up being okay and finishing strong. BYU ended up losing, but they did really well. I had a good time.

On the walk back towards the dorms the boys were feeling flippy and dangerous. It stressed me out. They wanted to flip and jump off everything. They about gave me multiple heart attacks.

Meg and Carine ditched at this point and Ryan and Nate joined. We went to the Tanner building to watch Princess Bride. About 20 minutes into the movie we got kicked out. Fail. So we went to the Creamery and I got food. Then Easton and Mark ditched. Greta, Thomas, Ryan, Nate and I walked over to Wendy's. It was closed, but someone let us in. Nate shared his fries with me and Thomas repeatedly insulted me. Haha, okay not so much about the Thomas part. But I absolutely love twisting his words and making him feel bad because he thinks I'm genuinely offended. Even though obviously I'm not really offended because I'm laughing my face off. Oh! Also I was texting Michael (Thomas's brother) from Thomas's phone and he said he would come to dinner tomorrow. He better really come.

We eventually got kicked out of Wendy's since they were closing and came back and chilled in the lobby. I love just sitting and talking with my friends.

Tonight we discovered that people can hug me and wrap their arms around and touch their own shoulders. Impressive, right? Wrong. It's just because I'm so short that they hug my neck. Hahaha, love my life.

Dang! I forgot to take pictures of my drawings again, Mom. Sorry.

Anyway, I should go to bed since I'm working in the morning. Then baking cookies! Whoop!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today was my favorite. Such a wonderful day. Where do I even begin?

Book of Mormon class was wonderful. Mark threw a fit because I didn't save him a seat, but other than that it was pretty uneventful.  Then I had a work meeting. It was good. Maraina made muffins that were duper delish. I learned some sketchy stuff. Then I had child development class. That's always a fantastic class. Then I came home, found Caroline sick in bed and headed to the basement to study with Greta. Then I had art class where I learned how to draw humans. I was going to post some pictures, but it's late. Tomorrow, Mom. Maybe. If I remember.

Okay, so obviously I wasn't interested in telling you all about my day. Mostly because my night was epic. I have the best ward ever. No doubt about it. Tonight was the ward talent show. Absolutely made my life. Our ward is full of talent. We had several people sing, dance, and do funny skits. I have several videos, but my favorite is Daniel (aka Danimal). He gave us all some relationship advice. As it is nearing Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share Daniel's words of wisdom with you.


Hahaha, oh Daniel...anyway, the talent show really was great. I was impressed with people's skills.

On the walk home Megan brought up the fact that we're Valentine-less this Valentine's Day. Now, I am completely fine with that. Mostly. It has one drawback. No chocolate. I love being single, but I really love chocolate. This has never been a problem in the past since my dad always got be chocolate, but now I'm across the country. And chocolate-less. Being chocolate-less is MUCH worse than not having a Valentine. BUT THEN when I got home Caroline had ran ahead and put a piece of chocolate on my desk :) Best roommate EVER!!!

I wish I could remember the rest of my day because I remember it was really great, butttt I don't remember why at the current moment. And it is way too late to try to think. I need sleep.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Whole New World

Hey Megan, if you're reading this...I just want you to know that the title is meant to drive you crazy :)

Today started off with back to back classes. Nothing memorable from writing (as usual). Biology was pretty much the same, except Professor Smith looked a little sad. It made me mad at the boy who wrote him that mean email. Greta and I tried to find the guy on facebook and find him in class, but it is too big of a class. Lame.

After class I had work. Sometimes--all the time--I love my job. Today we got 2 noteworthy packages: package #1 said (on the outside) "Happy Valentine's Day, Valentine!" "I love you" and other various ooey gooey lovey dovey messages. It was from a missionary to his girlfriend. Gag me. Not because she's waiting on him. That's cool. But, in my opinion, he shouldn't be so lovey while he's on his mission. Best part of the package? On the back it said "Don't go on any dates. Seriously." Package #2 was even better. It was from some guy's "fan club." I'm guessing that means Grandma. The back of the package said "we heard you're having a hard time finding a date...we thought this might help :)" Hahahahaha, I so wish I could have seen the poor fella pick that one up.

As I was leaving work the mission calls came in. Even though I was clocked out I stayed and went through the stack to call the guys that I know. Then tonight I was able to attend three mission call openings. Wednesday nights are getting very busy. Tonight's boys are going to Peru, Brazil, and Chile! I'm so excited for them! I absolutely love watching my friends open their calls. They are always so extremely excited and their testimonies are absolutely radiant.

I was at dinner and mission calls for nearly four hours, so needless to say...I have a lot of homework left to do tonight. Yuck. But it was totally worth it. Sometimes other things are more important than homework.

Also, Mom, since I know you're wondering about why "A Whole New World" would bug Meg, it's because we went to Thomas and Mark's room tonight and they have a piece of paper on the wall that says "Team A Whole New World" and I know why, but Megan doesn't. It's top secret. Although I bet if she would ask Mark he would tell her. Thomas is just a little embarrassed. And rightly so. Hahahahahaha

BYU memes are hilarious. Done.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

be a carrot

I really liked today. I know I say that most days, but I really, really  liked today. Nothing super spectacular happened, I just feel good. Everything feels...right.

I woke up this morning and finished editing my child development paper. When I was finished I had just enough time for breakfast (cinnamon rolls and breakfast burittos - score!) before I had to go to class. Book of Mormon was so good today. Brother Johnson showed us pictures of possible locations of the Book of Mormon. He went to Central America, so all of the pictures were from his trip. It was so neat to see! Of course we aren't sure that is where the Book of Mormon really took place, but we do know for sure that it was around the same time period and everything seems to fit. We also talked about how we should react if we ever get offended. There are really only 2 basic options: you can harden your heart or soften it. One girl in the class said it's like boiling a carrot and an egg. The carrot gets soft, but the egg gets hard. Be a carrot. You can choose to get better or bitter. It's up to you.

After class I went to work to print off my child development paper. I learned that I get an employee discount on printing things off if I do it at work. Score! I love saving money. Then I went to my room to watch devotional and start cutting out hearts for Valentine's day heart-attacking :) The professor giving the devotional talked about his grandpas. It made me miss my grandpas a bit. I have the best grandpas ever! I love them so much and cannot wait to see them after this life.

Paper #2 for child development is done and turned in. I turned it in at the very beginning of class and it was such a relieving feeling. It is out of my hands now. With that stress out of my life I was able to enjoy class. We are learning about memory and how easy it is to manipulate someone's memory. Professor Walker even implanted a fake memory in us! She gave us a list of items and most of us thought she said needle, but really she didn't! She just said a ton of other words relating to it so we just added needle onto the list all on our own. I learned that it is really important how you question a child if you want the truth, not because the child means to lie but just because there memories can be really easily changed. So interesting.

It was a beautiful day out, and after class I went to the temple. It was a lovely walk - and not even cold! I went to the temple every week last semester, but this semester I've been slacking. I got caught up in school and work and I haven't been making time for the temple like I should. Shame on me. But I am not going to continue in my slothful ways. Tuesdays = temple days. I need that in my life. Going to the temple makes me so indescribably happy. I feel at peace. The world is right again.

I came home and did some homework until dinner time, then met up with Greta, Meg, Carine, Tara and Nicole for dinner. We tried to stay for a long time to avoid the fire drill (yes, college has fire drills. at least in the dorms). Unfortunately, they moved the fire drill from 7 to 8 so there was no way we were getting out of it. Oh well, at least they gave us candy when we participated in the drill.

Today was a good day. I am happy. I feel relieved. I guess I didn't realize I was stressed until the stress was gone. I really love my life.

Also, I saw a girl riding a unicycle on my way home from the temple. That's all.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Whatever "it" is

Have you ever thought about what "it" is? I was walking back from biology today and I ran into Payden. He asked a fairly common question: "How's it going?" What the smoke is it? How's life going? How's your walk back from class going? How's the paper you have to write going? How is what  going? I just had to get that out there.

Nothing especially interesting happened in class or at work today. Oh wait! I take that back. This woman called and was asking some housing questions to see where her son should live for summer term. She told me her entire life story. So funny. And sad.

I got invited to the freshman honor society of Phi Eta Sigma. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but it sounds cool.

Let's see...what else...

I started writing my 7 page child development paper at 3:45 today. It's due tomorrow. The good news? I wrote it all. Bad news? Now it's too long. I really should edit it tonight, but I might just go to sleep and wake up early to edit it. We'll see.

I finally went to FHE. It was inside. All of the outdoor activities this semester combined with my crazy schedule prevented me from attending much since Christmas, but I went for a bit tonight. Only for half an hour though, then I had to get back to work on my paper. At the beginning of FHE Easton and I made a pact to skip out at 7:30 if it wasn't over, and we stuck to our guns.

Focused, productive days leave little to blog about.

Caroline is currently doing her singing homework. That's always entertaining. I'm making her do it now in case I decide to go to sleep when my 15 minutes is up. But I think I'm going to at least partially edit my paper tonight. That'd probably be smart.

Hahahahaha, so I just got this email from one of my biology classmates. He emailed the professor and complained that we don't learn enough. Oh my goodness, I am not going to be a happy camper if that boy just made an easy class get hard. I will throw a fit. Sometimes people here are too smart for their own good.

I am super excited for tomorrow at 12:10. I get to hand in my paper, which is the major source of stress in my life currently. I will be so free! Woohoo!

Okay, 15 minutes are up. Peace.

2 Sunday dinners

Today was a pretty spectacular day, just like most days. I guess that makes today normal. Not spectacular. But if normal is spectacular... I don't know. I'm blowing my mind. It's too late for all that.

Anyway, today we had stake conference which means church didn't start until 1:30. The best part is that means I got to eat in the Cannon twice today. Normally on Sundays I only go once. Sundays are the best in the Cannon. Mostly because there is unlimited Creamery ice cream (which I had multiple bowls of).

So the day started off with eating breakfast/lunch with Caroline, Carine, Megan, and Greta. Then we waited for Coop-sauce, Thomas and Easton and headed off to stake conference. Thankfully we got there early enough to get seats with backs instead of just the bleachers. If we had to sit in the bleachers, I would have been so mad at the boys for making us wait.

Stake conference was really good. My favorite talk was given by the temple president. He didn't end up giving the talk he had prepared, but instead he talked to us about remembering who we are. He also told us three things to look for in a spouse. The number one thing he told us to look for was something I had never really thought of before, although I'm pretty sure I was looking for it. I just never put it into words. #1: marry someone who loves God more than he loves you. I absolutely love that! I'm gonna find him one day and I'm so excited! I was thankful for the reminder that he is out there, because I haven't prayed for him as much lately as I used to. But don't worry, that is about to change.

We weren't going to go to dinner until later that evening, but Cooper was hungry after stake conference so we went straight back to the Cannon...and ended up staying till close. We spend entirely too much time there. But I love it. The longer you sit there, the more people join you. Megan, Cooper, Dunia, Connor, Thomas, Carine, Sarah, Ariel, Sharnell, Melissa, Daniel, Becky, and probably more that I'm forgetting because it is super late, but all of those people were sitting with us at one point or another. I love Sunday dinners with my ward family. Friends really do become family when your real family is across the country.

After dinner I came back to my room and read until it was time for work. Work was really uneventful, but it gave me time to plan my Sunday school lesson for next week. Anyway, I'm exhausted and I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I have to write a 6-7 page paper...minimum. Due Tuesday. Why do I always put off the big miserable assignments? Sighh...


Dear future husband,
I love you and I am waiting for you. I am trying hard to be worthy of you. I don't know you yet, but I already love you. I am so excited for our life together.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Almost forgot!

I almost forgot to blog tonight! I was about to crawl into bed with my english book when I realized I hadn't written anything today. That was a close one.

This morning started off with biology. I woke up, studied, then went to take my test. It went pretty well, plus there were 3 bonus questions. Score! After the test I came back to the room and wrote an outline for my child development paper I was supposed to write this morning...supposed to being the key word. I think I'll just write it Monday. I mean, at least I wrote the outline this weekend write?

I had work this afternoon/evening. It was nice and slow. I was able to get all my work done and read all my biology reading for the week and start on my reading for writing. The one bad thing about my shift? It prevents me from going to dinner! I always get hungry. Usually I bring a snack, but I forgot today. I posted something on facebook about wanting a snack and within 10 minutes Daniel showed up with a snack. Not long after, Greta came to visit with freshly baked cookies. All fears I've ever had about starving to death are silenced. My friends would never let me starve. I'm convinced.

After work I crashed a birthday party for a little while. But then I got hungry and went to get food. Then we were bored and just kind of walked around and talked and did a whole lot of nothing. I should have been doing homework, but sometimes you just gotta let yourself put off school stuff. Sometimes you need to just chill.

That being said, now is not the time to just let myself chill. Now is the time to do some homework. Unfortunately. I get to read all about environmental issues. Whoop whoop!

In other news, I really love my Pandora radio. I feel like it knows me better than anyone. It always knows exactly what to say. Thank you, Pandora.

Stake conference tomorrow = Lisa gets to sleep in and eat at the Cannon twice. Life is fantastic.

Okay seriously now. Homework.

Friday, February 3, 2012

it's like racism...on a cellular level

It's Friday! Finally. Unfortunately, it is 11:30 and I have already called it quits on having fun. Saddddddd. But sometimes I guess I have to be responsible and do school work, and this weekend is FULL of school work. Yuck.

The day started off pretty good. We discussed environmental issues in writing. And watched the Harvard Sailing Team, always a fantastic way to start the day.


Biology was meh, but maybe that's just because I am dreading taking the test this weekend. Science just isn't my thing.

After class I started my laundry and then went with Greta and Chloe to look at the apartment we want...again. I love it sooooo much! I will be heartbroken if we don't get it. It looks like we will be camping out in order to get it. We made a friend, Maddie, and she said she would text me if she saw people starting to camp out that way we can rush over. She was so sweet and made me even more excited to live there next year.

I came home and finished up laundry and tried to do a little school work, but then I got distracted. I decided I should just go back on campus for my biology review. I was going to be early and have time to get some things accomplished, but then I ran into Megan. We ended up talking and laughing our heads off. Love that girl.

I did eventually make it to my bio review. Two hours of review. So long. So boring. But also so helpful. The TA teaching the review, John, made fun of me twice. Once because I laughed really hard because he was talking about farting (Yes, I know I am a two year old...whatever. It was funny.) and the other time was because I made a face. He said my face answered the question he had asked perfectly. He then proceeded to imitate my face for the class. Oh John.

Not long after the review was over we went to dinner. I was starving. Then Greta, Thomas and I went to the men's volleyball game. We had a blast. Or at least I did. Greta and Thomas are both hilarious. Hanging out with them is like an ab workout. I love them.

After the game we went to the Creamery and got ice cream then sat in the Cannon and talked. Megan and Caroline joined us and so of course there was even more laughter. I've decided the reason I am such a happy person is because I have the best friends over. Ahhh I just love them!

I would love to keep blogging to avoid studying, but I have to take a bio test in the morning. Gross. Test on Saturday...eew.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mommy! Look what I made!

Thursdays are crazy days. Well, normally they aren't that crazy. But this is a very busy week. So I woke up EARLY *gasp* but I figured I needed the extra hour of being awake (plus an hour early on Thursdays is still sleeping in more than Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I ended up not getting that much accomplished in my extra hour, but I did get to eat a delicious breakfast with Eryn and Alyssa. I had an omelette and banana bread french toast. So good.

Book of Mormon was good this morning. I was a bit distracted though. Mark sat next to me and he was looking up pictures of West Virginia (where he will be serving his mission). That is seriously a beautiful place! I am so excited for him. I love seeing how excited he is. A ton of guys announced their mission calls in class. So awesome.

After class we had out usual Thursday staff meeting. We didn't have much to talk about today, so we ended up talking about funny youtube videos. Getting paid to talk about funny videos? Um, yes please. I also learned that sometimes Robert Redford'd mail gets sent to us! How cool is that? We get a famous person's mail and have to forward it to him. Fancy.

Child development class was good, but I don't like learning about theories very much. Not near as interesting as all the baby stuff was. I also really need to write my paper for that class. Yuck. I guess that will be a project for this weekend.

I had lunch in the Cougareat after child development class and I ran into one of my co-workers. We chatted for a bit, then I studied for my BOM quiz. I was a bit nervous since last semester my Book of Mormon class was way easy. But... I got an A on my first quiz! Success.

When I was done with my quiz, I had to finish up my reading/writing assignments for art. Then I went to art. Time to reveal my clay pot/bowl thing! Oh, and my painting of a section of an instrument panel in an airplane. This is what I do in college.

I was at a loss with what to do with my painting. In elementary you give it to your mom and she hangs it on the fridge, but what do you do in college? Hang it on your own fridge of course!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthdays and Mission Calls

Happy birthday Caroline! I remember being so worried we wouldn't get along, but then I met you and everything went perfectly. I am so blessed to have you as my roommate. You are such a good friend: you listen, and you give me honest feedback. You have helped me make some difficult decisions, and you have always had my back. I love you. You are beautiful, strong, honest, and you have such a big heart. Hopefully a heart big enough to forgive me for what comes next...

Last night as I was laying in bed, Caroline head-butted me. Quite literally. She dived into my bed, ramming her head into my butt bone. Lovely. Caroline, you are so graceful. We then laughed our heads off, and Caroline laughed so hard she forgot to swallow. The result? DROOL on MY BED. It's a good thing I love you, Caroline...

It took awhile before I could convince the birthday girl to get out of my bed and go to her's. We both had 8 a.m. classes today and should have been sleeping.

I woke up a little earlier than usual this morning to blow up balloons (no one should ever blow up balloons before 7 a.m.). But the result was worth it. Balloons and candy notes for Car-car.

Caroline's birthday happened to fall on a Wednesday. Mission call day. Unfortunately, the calls did not get there until after my shift, so I wasn't able to hand any out. But a lot of my friends got their calls today. It was absolutely adorable how anxious they were to get their calls. They called/texted/visited me at work over and over just to make sure I didn't forget. I love that I am surrounded by guys with such strong testimonies. They set an amazing example for me on a daily basis.

I was able to go to 2 mission call openings tonight. Spencer and Cooper's. Both were awesome. Spencer's had some comic relief since Daniel put a hole in the wall opening the door too hard. It was hilarious. But for the most part, they were both very spiritual. So proud of all my friends who have decided to serve the Lord for 2 years!

Here is a little video I put together from some video I took of Coop. There's a lot more, but obviously I can't post it all here. I also videoed Spencer opening his call, but I just don't have time to put everything up tonight.


School is really crazy right now. I am super busy, but it was nice to take a step back tonight and think about what is truly important. I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. And I am thankful for friends who are spreading the gospel so that everyone can know what I know and be as happy as I am.

Congratulations to Cooper, Washington DC North Mission; Mark, Charleston, West Virginia Mission; JJ, Hungary; Spencer, McAllen, Texas Mission; and Derek, Samara, Russia Mission!