2 Sunday dinners

Today was a pretty spectacular day, just like most days. I guess that makes today normal. Not spectacular. But if normal is spectacular... I don't know. I'm blowing my mind. It's too late for all that.

Anyway, today we had stake conference which means church didn't start until 1:30. The best part is that means I got to eat in the Cannon twice today. Normally on Sundays I only go once. Sundays are the best in the Cannon. Mostly because there is unlimited Creamery ice cream (which I had multiple bowls of).

So the day started off with eating breakfast/lunch with Caroline, Carine, Megan, and Greta. Then we waited for Coop-sauce, Thomas and Easton and headed off to stake conference. Thankfully we got there early enough to get seats with backs instead of just the bleachers. If we had to sit in the bleachers, I would have been so mad at the boys for making us wait.

Stake conference was really good. My favorite talk was given by the temple president. He didn't end up giving the talk he had prepared, but instead he talked to us about remembering who we are. He also told us three things to look for in a spouse. The number one thing he told us to look for was something I had never really thought of before, although I'm pretty sure I was looking for it. I just never put it into words. #1: marry someone who loves God more than he loves you. I absolutely love that! I'm gonna find him one day and I'm so excited! I was thankful for the reminder that he is out there, because I haven't prayed for him as much lately as I used to. But don't worry, that is about to change.

We weren't going to go to dinner until later that evening, but Cooper was hungry after stake conference so we went straight back to the Cannon...and ended up staying till close. We spend entirely too much time there. But I love it. The longer you sit there, the more people join you. Megan, Cooper, Dunia, Connor, Thomas, Carine, Sarah, Ariel, Sharnell, Melissa, Daniel, Becky, and probably more that I'm forgetting because it is super late, but all of those people were sitting with us at one point or another. I love Sunday dinners with my ward family. Friends really do become family when your real family is across the country.

After dinner I came back to my room and read until it was time for work. Work was really uneventful, but it gave me time to plan my Sunday school lesson for next week. Anyway, I'm exhausted and I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I have to write a 6-7 page paper...minimum. Due Tuesday. Why do I always put off the big miserable assignments? Sighh...


Dear future husband,
I love you and I am waiting for you. I am trying hard to be worthy of you. I don't know you yet, but I already love you. I am so excited for our life together.


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