Almost forgot!

I almost forgot to blog tonight! I was about to crawl into bed with my english book when I realized I hadn't written anything today. That was a close one.

This morning started off with biology. I woke up, studied, then went to take my test. It went pretty well, plus there were 3 bonus questions. Score! After the test I came back to the room and wrote an outline for my child development paper I was supposed to write this morning...supposed to being the key word. I think I'll just write it Monday. I mean, at least I wrote the outline this weekend write?

I had work this afternoon/evening. It was nice and slow. I was able to get all my work done and read all my biology reading for the week and start on my reading for writing. The one bad thing about my shift? It prevents me from going to dinner! I always get hungry. Usually I bring a snack, but I forgot today. I posted something on facebook about wanting a snack and within 10 minutes Daniel showed up with a snack. Not long after, Greta came to visit with freshly baked cookies. All fears I've ever had about starving to death are silenced. My friends would never let me starve. I'm convinced.

After work I crashed a birthday party for a little while. But then I got hungry and went to get food. Then we were bored and just kind of walked around and talked and did a whole lot of nothing. I should have been doing homework, but sometimes you just gotta let yourself put off school stuff. Sometimes you need to just chill.

That being said, now is not the time to just let myself chill. Now is the time to do some homework. Unfortunately. I get to read all about environmental issues. Whoop whoop!

In other news, I really love my Pandora radio. I feel like it knows me better than anyone. It always knows exactly what to say. Thank you, Pandora.

Stake conference tomorrow = Lisa gets to sleep in and eat at the Cannon twice. Life is fantastic.

Okay seriously now. Homework.


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