be a carrot

I really liked today. I know I say that most days, but I really, really  liked today. Nothing super spectacular happened, I just feel good. Everything feels...right.

I woke up this morning and finished editing my child development paper. When I was finished I had just enough time for breakfast (cinnamon rolls and breakfast burittos - score!) before I had to go to class. Book of Mormon was so good today. Brother Johnson showed us pictures of possible locations of the Book of Mormon. He went to Central America, so all of the pictures were from his trip. It was so neat to see! Of course we aren't sure that is where the Book of Mormon really took place, but we do know for sure that it was around the same time period and everything seems to fit. We also talked about how we should react if we ever get offended. There are really only 2 basic options: you can harden your heart or soften it. One girl in the class said it's like boiling a carrot and an egg. The carrot gets soft, but the egg gets hard. Be a carrot. You can choose to get better or bitter. It's up to you.

After class I went to work to print off my child development paper. I learned that I get an employee discount on printing things off if I do it at work. Score! I love saving money. Then I went to my room to watch devotional and start cutting out hearts for Valentine's day heart-attacking :) The professor giving the devotional talked about his grandpas. It made me miss my grandpas a bit. I have the best grandpas ever! I love them so much and cannot wait to see them after this life.

Paper #2 for child development is done and turned in. I turned it in at the very beginning of class and it was such a relieving feeling. It is out of my hands now. With that stress out of my life I was able to enjoy class. We are learning about memory and how easy it is to manipulate someone's memory. Professor Walker even implanted a fake memory in us! She gave us a list of items and most of us thought she said needle, but really she didn't! She just said a ton of other words relating to it so we just added needle onto the list all on our own. I learned that it is really important how you question a child if you want the truth, not because the child means to lie but just because there memories can be really easily changed. So interesting.

It was a beautiful day out, and after class I went to the temple. It was a lovely walk - and not even cold! I went to the temple every week last semester, but this semester I've been slacking. I got caught up in school and work and I haven't been making time for the temple like I should. Shame on me. But I am not going to continue in my slothful ways. Tuesdays = temple days. I need that in my life. Going to the temple makes me so indescribably happy. I feel at peace. The world is right again.

I came home and did some homework until dinner time, then met up with Greta, Meg, Carine, Tara and Nicole for dinner. We tried to stay for a long time to avoid the fire drill (yes, college has fire drills. at least in the dorms). Unfortunately, they moved the fire drill from 7 to 8 so there was no way we were getting out of it. Oh well, at least they gave us candy when we participated in the drill.

Today was a good day. I am happy. I feel relieved. I guess I didn't realize I was stressed until the stress was gone. I really love my life.

Also, I saw a girl riding a unicycle on my way home from the temple. That's all.


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