Today was my favorite. Such a wonderful day. Where do I even begin?

Book of Mormon class was wonderful. Mark threw a fit because I didn't save him a seat, but other than that it was pretty uneventful.  Then I had a work meeting. It was good. Maraina made muffins that were duper delish. I learned some sketchy stuff. Then I had child development class. That's always a fantastic class. Then I came home, found Caroline sick in bed and headed to the basement to study with Greta. Then I had art class where I learned how to draw humans. I was going to post some pictures, but it's late. Tomorrow, Mom. Maybe. If I remember.

Okay, so obviously I wasn't interested in telling you all about my day. Mostly because my night was epic. I have the best ward ever. No doubt about it. Tonight was the ward talent show. Absolutely made my life. Our ward is full of talent. We had several people sing, dance, and do funny skits. I have several videos, but my favorite is Daniel (aka Danimal). He gave us all some relationship advice. As it is nearing Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share Daniel's words of wisdom with you.

Hahaha, oh Daniel...anyway, the talent show really was great. I was impressed with people's skills.

On the walk home Megan brought up the fact that we're Valentine-less this Valentine's Day. Now, I am completely fine with that. Mostly. It has one drawback. No chocolate. I love being single, but I really love chocolate. This has never been a problem in the past since my dad always got be chocolate, but now I'm across the country. And chocolate-less. Being chocolate-less is MUCH worse than not having a Valentine. BUT THEN when I got home Caroline had ran ahead and put a piece of chocolate on my desk :) Best roommate EVER!!!

I wish I could remember the rest of my day because I remember it was really great, butttt I don't remember why at the current moment. And it is way too late to try to think. I need sleep.


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