If only the freezing weather could freeze time. That would be really convenient. I have wayyyy too much to do. I could really use a few extra hours. But alas, the snow just makes time look like it stands still. Life goes on. Snowmen are tackled.

Today for writing150 we had class in the library. My teacher is at a conference out of town, but we had a mandatory class in the library about how to use the research resources for our next paper. I'm still debating what topic to write my issues paper on. We had to come up with 3 ideas and email them to Carolyn. She really liked one of my topics, but unfortunately I think it would be the hardest to write. Arg, maybe I should just go for it. Decisions, decisions.

On the first day of bio, Greta sat in the front row. Soon she joined me in the back, but on that first day she was front and center. That was also the day the sign up sheet for spiritual thought was passed around. Since she was the first one to get the sign up sheet, Greta put her name down. Today was the big day. Her spiritual thought day. She had decided she didn't want to do it and emailed our TA, but when I got to class I saw her name written on the board for spiritual thought. I immediately texted her and she came to class late. Haha, too bad our TA noticed her. She still escaped giving spiritual thought, but the whole situation was just hilarious.

After class, I went to work. One of the boxes said it was a urinal. Haha, yes a urinal. But it wasn't too heavy so we're guessing it was either a recycled box or a portable urinal (did you even know such things existed?). Anyway, while we were on the topic of urination Lindsay told us about an invention called "Go-Girl". It's like a funnel so girls can pee in the woods, haha. I almost died. I am so buying them for all my friends for their birthdays. Don't worry, they are reusable and dishwasher safe.

Tonight consisted of dinner, Tavin's mission call opening (Mexico!), and a prospective missionary fireside by Elder Gerald N. Lund. He wrote the The Work and The Glory books. It was a really good fireside. One of my favorite things he said is that the purpose of missionary work is not to change peoples' minds but to open their hearts. Then we walked home in the snow. Oh, and Mitch came and home taught Caroline and I (gotta love leap year, a whole extra day to get in home/visiting teaching).

Well, I'm off to bed. I have to try to wake up in the morning and go observe the BYU preschool before class. Maybe. Or maybe I'll put it off for another day...hmmm...


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