Home Sweet Home

Well Ladies and Gents, it's  official. I have signed the contract. The apartment I've been dreaming of? Mine. It is the most perfect first apartment I could ever wish for. No, it's not super fancy. But a first apartment shouldn't be fancy. It is close to campus. Cheap. Recently renovated. I love it!  Not only is the apartment itself great, but so are my roomies--Meg, Greta and Chloe. I love those girls and I am so excited to share an apartment with them next year. Plus Carine come winter semester!

The line of tents was ridiculously long, and this morning even more people showed up (I guess they didn't get the campout memo)! We were the third tent, and camping out for the extra bit before the line got long was definitely worth it - we didn't have to stress about not getting in or getting split up!

We ended up having a lot of fun camping out. Good bonding time. We found it hilarious that the tent had a doggie door, so they named me the "apartment pet" and took pictures of me out of the lil baby door.

Chloe and Greta

The wait is over. I have an apartment. I'm a big kid! I feel so grown up and so young all at once. Today was a big step.  An exciting big step. Things are falling into place, one piece at a time.

with our contracts!
It was an exciting morning. After signing our contracts, we went to lunch - my first good, solid meal since Wednesday night (you can only survive on poptarts for so long...). Then we headed over to the gymnastics meet. One of the teams was REALLY good. It was crazy. But those things stress me out. I'm always scared someone will get hurt. I had to leave early anyway though because I had to get to work.

A guy from my ward is opening his mission call in an hour, and I'm debating on whether or not to go. I am exhausted. But I love mission call openings. It is quite the predicament. Maybe I should just go to bed...sigh, but then again what's another hour? Decisions, decisions.

So many decisions. Some simple. Some really hard. I'm glad I don't have to figure everything out all at once. I like this one step at a time thing. Growing up is a lot to take in. I'm glad it doesn't happen overnight. I like this stage of life. I like every day. I don't like every moment of every day, but even the moments I don't like are important. So I am grateful for every moment.

Things have a way of working out for the best.


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