I love you

Happy Valentine's Day! It seems like people have such strong feelings about Valentine's Day. People either really like it or really hate it. I'm on the loving it side. Which is kind of weird seeing as I'm single. But I've always loved Valentine's Day. Maybe because I love chocolate. Maybe because I love love. This Valentine's Day had the potential to be really sad, but instead it turned out to be the best Valentine's Day yet.

My gift to myself this Valentine's Day was going to bed early last night. It was fantastic. I was going to get so much sleep. But then...the fire alarm went off. Not the best thing in the world to wake up to. Caroline has trouble waking up (her alarm goes off 5 billion times before she actually gets out of bed) so I had to yell at her and tell her the fire alarm was going off and she had to get out of bed. I slipped on my shower flip flops since they were the most accessible shoes and ran outside in my pj's. It was cold. Very cold. We all huddled together for warmth, but I was still cold. Luckily it was nothing big. Someone had lit a candle (which is against the rules) and the smoke detector caught it. After being sternly reminded of the rules, they let us go back in and go to bed. My bed has never felt so warm. I love my bed, happy Valentine's Day to my dear bed and the best cuddler ever: Mr. Froggy.

Earlier this week I thought Valentine's Day would pretty much go uncelebrated. It turned out to be just the opposite. This was by far the most celebrated day of love ever. Before bed I heart attacked a few girls' doors (Carine's door was heart attacked too, but I didn't get a picture).

 And I left hearts for Caroline on her desk...

And I even decorated my desk with sparkly hearts that my mom sent me! Yes, I took this picture while watching devotional on my computer because I was too lazy to walk to the Marriott.

I was pretty excited about all my little Valentine's decorations, but that was nothing compared to the rest of the day. When I opened the door this morning I found an adorable heart (with candy) and a sweet message from Ariel. She is so sweet!

Then I noticed an equally adorable note outside the door from Aricka! Seriously, I have the best hallmates ever. They are the greatest.

Oh but wait, that isn't even the end of my Valentine's Day suprises! Megan brought Caroline and I cookies and Caroline got me sparkly candy and a sweet note!

There was also a chocolate fountain at dinner. I had chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered angel food cake, chocolate pretzels, and chocolate covered rice krispie treats! Hey, it was unlimited and I like chocolate... Chase joined us for dinner and then tried to convince us that homework was unacceptable on Valentine's Day. He lost. But if you can't beat them, join them. So Chase ended up studying with us. Let's be honest though, not much studying really happened.

After giving up on homework we went to MacKenzie's room to start watching Pride and Prejudice (the super long 5 hour version). Such a good movie. But none of us could watch the whole thing tonight so we're watching it in segments.

Now for my favorite part of the day (sorry, I went out of order). I went to the temple today. I've decided to make going to the temple a Valentine's Day tradition. Future husband better just accept it, because I'm pretty determined. What better way to spend Valentine's Day then by helping others spend eternity with their valentine?

I wish I could tell my valentine how much I love him, but I haven't met him yet. So I'll just have to blog it out.

Dear future husband,

     I love you. I don't know you yet, but I think of you often. One day we'll spend Valentine's Day together. It's weird to think that you exist at this very moment but I don't know you. I wonder what you're doing. I wonder how you celebrated Valentine's Day this year. I pray for you a lot. And for any girlfriends you may have. Y'all better be good! Ahhhh I just love you so much already!!!!!! I would say hurry up and get in my life, but I don't think I'm quite ready yet. But don't wait too long. You're the best. I just know it. I LOVE YOU.
Your future wife

This really has been my favorite Valentine's Day of all time. I am so happy. I am so loved. Life is good.


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