I'd give today a 9.8

I finally got to hear Caroline play the harp today! After I was done with classes I stayed on campus and studied until she was in the practice rooms and then I went and she played me a song. Absolutely beautiful. It was amazing. I am in awe of her talent. I love my roomie the mostest :)

I did a lot of homework this afternoon, but that meant I could have a lot of fun tonight. After dinner Meg, Greta, Carine, Thomas, Mark, Easton and I went to the gymnastics meet. It was intense. The whole time I kept thinking about that movie Breaking Free where the girl gets into an accident at a gymnastic's competition and goes blind. One girl had a scary fall, but she ended up being okay and finishing strong. BYU ended up losing, but they did really well. I had a good time.

On the walk back towards the dorms the boys were feeling flippy and dangerous. It stressed me out. They wanted to flip and jump off everything. They about gave me multiple heart attacks.

Meg and Carine ditched at this point and Ryan and Nate joined. We went to the Tanner building to watch Princess Bride. About 20 minutes into the movie we got kicked out. Fail. So we went to the Creamery and I got food. Then Easton and Mark ditched. Greta, Thomas, Ryan, Nate and I walked over to Wendy's. It was closed, but someone let us in. Nate shared his fries with me and Thomas repeatedly insulted me. Haha, okay not so much about the Thomas part. But I absolutely love twisting his words and making him feel bad because he thinks I'm genuinely offended. Even though obviously I'm not really offended because I'm laughing my face off. Oh! Also I was texting Michael (Thomas's brother) from Thomas's phone and he said he would come to dinner tomorrow. He better really come.

We eventually got kicked out of Wendy's since they were closing and came back and chilled in the lobby. I love just sitting and talking with my friends.

Tonight we discovered that people can hug me and wrap their arms around and touch their own shoulders. Impressive, right? Wrong. It's just because I'm so short that they hug my neck. Hahaha, love my life.

Dang! I forgot to take pictures of my drawings again, Mom. Sorry.

Anyway, I should go to bed since I'm working in the morning. Then baking cookies! Whoop!


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