it's like racism...on a cellular level

It's Friday! Finally. Unfortunately, it is 11:30 and I have already called it quits on having fun. Saddddddd. But sometimes I guess I have to be responsible and do school work, and this weekend is FULL of school work. Yuck.

The day started off pretty good. We discussed environmental issues in writing. And watched the Harvard Sailing Team, always a fantastic way to start the day.


Biology was meh, but maybe that's just because I am dreading taking the test this weekend. Science just isn't my thing.

After class I started my laundry and then went with Greta and Chloe to look at the apartment we want...again. I love it sooooo much! I will be heartbroken if we don't get it. It looks like we will be camping out in order to get it. We made a friend, Maddie, and she said she would text me if she saw people starting to camp out that way we can rush over. She was so sweet and made me even more excited to live there next year.

I came home and finished up laundry and tried to do a little school work, but then I got distracted. I decided I should just go back on campus for my biology review. I was going to be early and have time to get some things accomplished, but then I ran into Megan. We ended up talking and laughing our heads off. Love that girl.

I did eventually make it to my bio review. Two hours of review. So long. So boring. But also so helpful. The TA teaching the review, John, made fun of me twice. Once because I laughed really hard because he was talking about farting (Yes, I know I am a two year old...whatever. It was funny.) and the other time was because I made a face. He said my face answered the question he had asked perfectly. He then proceeded to imitate my face for the class. Oh John.

Not long after the review was over we went to dinner. I was starving. Then Greta, Thomas and I went to the men's volleyball game. We had a blast. Or at least I did. Greta and Thomas are both hilarious. Hanging out with them is like an ab workout. I love them.

After the game we went to the Creamery and got ice cream then sat in the Cannon and talked. Megan and Caroline joined us and so of course there was even more laughter. I've decided the reason I am such a happy person is because I have the best friends over. Ahhh I just love them!

I would love to keep blogging to avoid studying, but I have to take a bio test in the morning. Gross. Test on Saturday...eew.


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