Mommy! Look what I made!

Thursdays are crazy days. Well, normally they aren't that crazy. But this is a very busy week. So I woke up EARLY *gasp* but I figured I needed the extra hour of being awake (plus an hour early on Thursdays is still sleeping in more than Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I ended up not getting that much accomplished in my extra hour, but I did get to eat a delicious breakfast with Eryn and Alyssa. I had an omelette and banana bread french toast. So good.

Book of Mormon was good this morning. I was a bit distracted though. Mark sat next to me and he was looking up pictures of West Virginia (where he will be serving his mission). That is seriously a beautiful place! I am so excited for him. I love seeing how excited he is. A ton of guys announced their mission calls in class. So awesome.

After class we had out usual Thursday staff meeting. We didn't have much to talk about today, so we ended up talking about funny youtube videos. Getting paid to talk about funny videos? Um, yes please. I also learned that sometimes Robert Redford'd mail gets sent to us! How cool is that? We get a famous person's mail and have to forward it to him. Fancy.

Child development class was good, but I don't like learning about theories very much. Not near as interesting as all the baby stuff was. I also really need to write my paper for that class. Yuck. I guess that will be a project for this weekend.

I had lunch in the Cougareat after child development class and I ran into one of my co-workers. We chatted for a bit, then I studied for my BOM quiz. I was a bit nervous since last semester my Book of Mormon class was way easy. But... I got an A on my first quiz! Success.

When I was done with my quiz, I had to finish up my reading/writing assignments for art. Then I went to art. Time to reveal my clay pot/bowl thing! Oh, and my painting of a section of an instrument panel in an airplane. This is what I do in college.

I was at a loss with what to do with my painting. In elementary you give it to your mom and she hangs it on the fridge, but what do you do in college? Hang it on your own fridge of course!


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