Not in a tent

Yes, that's right. I am writing this blog post from the comfort of my very own room. I escaped sleeping in the tent overnight. Again. I'm sure I'll never live it down. I'll always be the weenie baby who escaped the cold, but I mean if the opportunity presents itself, you take it.

I woke up this morning and went to bio with Greta. Dan (the annoying TA) taught class because Prof. Smith is in Alaska studying bears. Dan is really smart. He knows his stuff. But that can also be very annoying. He thinks everyone is on his level so everything he says goes straight over my head. Dan is also pretty awkward. So when he made a sex joke, I about died laughing. We were talking about cloning and the ethical reasons not to clone humans. Then Dan said "I mean, as long as making humans the traditional way is so much fun...why would anyone want to clone?" Oh Dan...

After bio I went immediately to the tent. And I stayed there. For twelve hours. Okay, that is kind of a lie. I left for about an hour to take a test. But other than that, I was in the tent. It wasn't so bad. It was a pretty day and I was able to get some homework done. We have been really lucky to have nice weather, because last year people had to camp out in the snow.

Dave (the owner of the apartments) put burgers on the grill for us tonight. He is the best. He came and talked to us several times throughout the course of the day. He would knock on our tent door and ask how his favorite girls were doing. I love that we already have an in with him! We've even met his daughter and girlfriend! I heard Dave tell the manager that we're the girls they need to spoil this year. There are only 44 contracts open, but we're a sure in and there's room for us all to be together. They told us the room number that we will most likely be in, so we went and checked it out. The girl living there let us in and the apartment is really nice. It was renovated either last year or the year before, so everything is pretty new. The couches are wayyyy nicer than the ones we had seen in previous apartments. Plus we found out that one of our apartment mates that already lives there is leaving on a mission next winter, which means our friend Carine can probably live with us when she gets back from her study abroad! Things seem to be working out perfectly.

Greta, Chloe, and Audrey offered to sleep in the tent tonight, so I came back to the dorms around 10:30. I was super tired, but I needed to make a copy of my ID for contract signing tomorrow. Of course making a simple copy turned into talking to Quinn. Then I ended up hanging out with people in the lobby until 1:30. What was I thinking? I still have to wake up early to get back to the tent for contract signing! Ahhh sometimes I am just not very smart.

Tonight I am thankful to be in my bed - not in the tent.


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