over one thousand!

Every now and then I like to look at my blog stats. It's interesting to see how many people have viewed my blog each day (even though I'm assuming most of the views are Mom looking at my blog multiple times). Well, I hadn't checked the stats in a couple days, and guess what? My blog has had over one THOUSAND views since I started it in January. Crazy. I feel loved <3

Today was a fairly average, fairly wonderful day. I woke up and went to church. It was good, as usual. Then I ate lunch at the Cannon. Sub-par. And that's about it, haha.

After lunch I got to skype my family. Love them. I miss them like crazy. They tried to make me jealous with their freshly baked cookies, but they did not succeed. Little did they know that I have all the ingredients to make cookies  and I just might do that tomorrow. If I finish my paper in time...

At some point this afternoon, I fell asleep. I'm not exactly sure how long I was sleeping, but it was a good nap. Unfortunately, that means I don't really have any exciting stories to tell - I just slept all day.

I had to work the night shift tonight. Sundays are pretty quiet at work. All I really had to do was unlock and lock doors for people. So basically I got paid to prepare my Sunday school lesson for next week. Score.

When Quinn came in to help me count out and lock up, we had another heart to heart. We talked about people and relationships. It was interesting. I like talking to Quinn now that he isn't constantly being rude to me, haha.

So you know how people always say there's at least one girl from every freshman ward that gets married? Well ladies and gentlemen, Chelsea is engaged. She is new to our ward this semester. She waited to start college until her missionary came home from his mission, and now they are happily engaged. You can all stop worrying now, I won't be the one.

When I got home from work Caroline freaked out trying to get me to promise not to let her marry a musician. She said she needs a business man and musicians just aren't good at emotions. I told her I could halfway promise, but if he was really great...I'd have to let her marry him. She is currently very upset that I won't stand in the way of true love just so she won't marry a musician. Whatever, Caroline. Haha, I love her. Never a dull moment in room 2118.

Time to get some sleep so I'll be fully ready to knock out my paper tomorrow. Wooh!


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