Peanut m&m's

8 o'clock classes can be a challenge. You drag yourself out of bed (using every fiber of willpower you can muster on not nearly enough sleep) and stumble to class. The last thing you want is to have to think really hard about something in your first class of the day. Normally writing isn't so bad. I listen, but I don't have to seriously think in that class very often. Today was different. Carolyn (my teacher) brought up something that made me think all day long. It was appalling to me that the thought had never occurred to me. How could I have gone 19 years without wondering? Topic of interest: peanut m&m's.
You've probably seen these little fellas. You've probably even eaten some. But have you ever stopped to think about the mystery of the shaping of peanut m&m's? Each m&m is unique. Some are bigger. Some are smaller. Some are a little misshapen. All according to the size and shape of the peanut. However, each peanut is coated with the same amount of chocolate and candy coating. HOW?! Obviously there isn't a mold, because the size and shape varies. I spent all day wondering. Also, how do they lay them out to dry? There isn't a flat side, so they can't dry flat.  Mystery. Okay, so really it's not a mystery anymore (Zack and I did some research) but I think I'll let you drive yourself nuts about this one until finally you can't stand it anymore and look it up yourself. Muahahahaha

When I got to work today, Cory thought it would be funny to tell me to move the box leaning against the shelves in the back. I went to move it, but it wasn't happening. The box contained a 100 pound weight set that a resident had ordered! I was really hoping the guy wouldn't come pick up his package during my shift, but no such luck. Normally we hand residents their packages over the desk. Ha, real funny right? Me, picking up a package that weighs over 100 lbs and handing it over the desk to this guy. Instead of even attempting that (since I could barely even scoot the package a few inches) Chelsey and I put the package on a dolly. Yes, it took two of us. I gave the guy his weights and said "I sure hope you live on the first floor." He doesn't. He lives on the THIRD floor. In a building without an elevator. He didn't seem to think that would be a problem, but I can't imagine lugging that baby up the stairs.

Another interesting package at work today was a flimsy oversized envelope. It had a sorry note on it from the post office and was in a clear bag. It looked like someone had spilled coffee on it, but then I smelled it: vanilla. When shaking the bag, Maraina thought it sounded like broken class. Sure enough when the girl came to pick up her package it was a completely shattered $20 glass bottle of vanilla. It wasn't just cracked, it looked like someone had run over it. Multiple times. You can hardly blame the post office though. I mean, who mails a glass bottle in an envelope?

Now I must tell you, I love my co-workers. Tim and I like to have frequent flashmobs at work. He does most of the dancing, but it makes me smile. Tim is on the ballroom dance team here at BYU, so I let him handle the choreography. Today I was standing at the desk, not even paying attention, and Tim came up behind me, grabbed my hand and started twirling me around dancing. We danced like a Disney princess and her prince at the ball, all fancy like. We even ended with a big dip. Then Quinn told us he was making it a non-dancing zone because we were embarrassing him. He's no fun. Quinn finds throwing stress balls at me more entertaining than Tim and I's dancing.

Quinn really can't complain that much about our dancing, because I covered part of his shift for him tonight. His ward was going tubing. Of course when he first told me he was going tubing, I thought he meant tubing down the Provo River. I thought he was insane but you know, whatever. Turns out they were going snow tubing. Quinn (and all of his friends, even the ones I don't know) now love making fun of me for thinking they were stupid enough to go tubing down the river in February.

Other random highlights of my day:
  • We got a new doorstop for our door (the last one went missing after Christmas)
  • I took a nap
  • I read a devotional Brad Wilcox (a professor here at BYU, whom I have met by the way) gave this past summer. I love the analogy he uses to describe grace. It's a must read. Make time to read it, Mom. Seriously. It's good stuff. My bishop posted it on our ward facebook page - isn't he the coolest? Anyway, here's the link: His Grace is Sufficient
  • I also watched a CES fireside President Uchtdorf gave, The Reflection in the Water. Jacob reccommended I watch it, and since I had to skip FHE to cover Quinn's shift, I decided I would watch the fireside as my own little FHE. My favorite part is question #2. Uchtdorf talks about soulmates and it just made me fall in love with my future husband...again. It's been a daily thing lately.
  • I talked to my big brother, Josh


  1. I had seen that Bishop posted the article on the Ward Facebook page but had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it. I just finished reading it, you're right it is so good! Brad Wilcox is a wonderful speaker :)


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