Today started out pretty average. Writing. Bio. Laundry. Conference with my writing teacher. Homework. But today ended up pretty spectacular.

Megan, Greta, Carine, Chloe and I went to the tennis matches to cheer on Francis and Keaton...and get free pizza. Okay, so the free pizza was a big factor in us deciding to go. But I won't lie, its pretty hard to tell a boy with a beautiful accent that you won't go to his match when he asks you with all that English charm. Megan and I were able to take our picture with Tennis Cosmo (we've been taking a picture with Cosmo from every sport).

We left after the doubles were over and headed to the men's volleyball game. Cooper and Easton had gone early to save us seats, so we had awesome front row seats in the balcony thing. We were even on tv! Cooper and Easton were part of the halftime game and Cooper won a $25 gift card. My friends have skills. Megan and I also got a picture with Volleyball Cosmo (which I think we already had, but I'm too lazy to check...)

So, funny story. Elder Neil L. Andersen was at the volleyball game. For those of you who don't know, Elder Andersen is an apostle. It was kind of crazy to see him at a sporting event. Well, there were some empty seats behind him... He was sitting in the actual chairs instead of the bleachers, and we weren't really sure if we were allowed to sit in the chairs, but we decided to try. We just really wanted to get close to Elder Andersen! Well, we were not allowed to sit in those seats. Haha, but they didn't stop us until after we had already sat down. Which means, I was within handshaking distance of an apostle! Super cool. But then they asked us to leave because we didn't have the tickets for those seats. I guess I can check off "get in trouble in front of an apostle" off my bucketlist. Note: that was not really on my bucketlist. Anyway, I got a blurry picture of him from our balcony seats. He's the one wearing a suit and bright blue tie. Third row.

When the game was over (we won, by the way) we went to the Creamery to get celebratory ice cream. Then we headed over to the Cannon to hang out. Eventually it ended up being just Megan and I talking to Quinn (he was working the front desk). It's kind of complicated and personal, but Quinn prompted Megan and I to have a really good discussion. At first it was awkward. Neither of us wanted to talk about the subject at hand, but it was so good that we did. We were able to talk openly and not get upset or offended. I am so blessed to have a friend like Megan. I truly believe Heavenly Father played a big role in bringing her into my life. I need a friend like Megan. She sets such a good example for me and always gives the best advice.

Tonight I realized that I don't just have a best friend; I have the BEST friend anyone could ever ask for.


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