Skipping class to chill in a tent

Today was the big day. The start of the campout for contracts! We are the 3rd tent in line, which mean (drum roll please) WE'RE IN! The official contract has not been signed (we have to wait until Saturday) but we talked to the manager and there are enough open spots so we are for sure going to get our apartment! And we're far enough up in line that we'll all get to stay together! I am beyond excited. Stress mode off. Endurance on.

They decided to post some rules today for camping out. Most of them did not change anything for us, but one did. We have to have 2 people in the tent at all times. We had only planned on one during the day and then more at night, but we had to quickly change our plans. I had to skip class, but I think this apartment is worth it. Plus Kayla offered to give me a copy of her notes - she is the best! So I sat in the tent all day. Luckily the weather was nice, so it wasn't bad. It got chilly at night, but when you're in the tent covered in blankets it's nice and cozy.

I left the tent for a little while this afternoon to go to work and give an incoming freshman a room tour. He was super nice. I was a bit worried that I would see a boy coming out of the showers because Chelsey said that happens sometimes. But I yelled woman on the floor real loud and didn't have any problems. Thank goodness. That would have been awkward. But the tour went good and I'm pretty positive I convinced him to live in Helaman next year.

After the tour, I headed back to the tent. It was windy and cold. But inside the tent was nice. Brandy (one of the girls in the tent behind us) came over and sat with us in our tent for awhile. She even shared her pizza with us. Then the owner of the apartments came outside and asked if he could take pictures of us camping out (good publicity). We ended up talking to him for a long time. He is great. Super funny and super helpful. He gave us all kinds of advice - from school advice to which apartment we should try to get in (he told us the apartment numbers that he is going to completely renovate this summer!). He told us why the apartments are so cheap. He said he's retired and he doesn't really need the money, so he likes to help us out by keeping it cheap. Plus he doesn't want to make more money and move up a tax bracket because he doesn't like giving the government money, he would rather help poor college kids. I'm so glad that the management there is so great. Next year is going to be a good year.

I thought I was going to have to sleep in the tent tonight, but Meg and Carine volunteered. Carine isn't even living with us (she's doing a study abroad in Paris!) but she wanted to have an adventure and begged to stay in the tent. So I jumped on the opportunity to sleep in my warm bed. I'll go relieve them in the morning after bio though. And I'll probably spend most of the day tomorrow in the tent. I have a pretty free schedule, so I'll just sit in the tent and do homework. And we're all going to sleep in the tent Friday night. Plus Dave (the owner) said he'd probably bring us food or have a BBQ or something - love him.

I'm going to attempt to do tomorrow's blog post on my phone, but if it doesn't work don't worry. I'll just write it all out and post in Saturday morning.


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