Thank you, Mr. President

NO SCHOOL! Wooh! I am a big fan of President's Day. I love not having school. Every weekend should be a three day weekend. It gives you time to have fun and get things accomplished.  It's perfect.

I slept in for a bit this morning, then hit the ground running writing my rough draft for my writing class. We had to email it out for peer review (class is cancelled for tomorrow!) and let me tell ya, one of the boys I sent it to had a lot of comments. It could have been really annoying, but they were actually helpful so I appreciate it. I also did some reading for bio and child development today. I really tried to get caught up/ahead. It semi-worked.

Of course I had to take a break from my productivity and watch Once Upon a Time. And call my mom. And talk to my grandma. And paint my nails. But really those things are productive in their own way. I can't think of why Once Upon a Time and painting my nails is especially productive at the moment, but I'm sure given enough time I could think of something. But my phone calls with mom and grandma were definitely productive. Grandma said I can drive my grandpa's car for the summer! I'm super excited to have that freedom. Total blessing.

My mom told me a disturbing story when I talked to her. An elderly couple she knew through church was murdered this weekend. Well, the woman is still hanging on to life but unconcious. The man and son were both dead. Their throats were slit. All to steal a coin collection. An expensive coin collection, but why couldn't they just steal it when no one was home? It breaks my heart. People are sick.

On a happier note, Greta, Thomas, Easton and I made cookies tonight. Joe tried to make me jealous over Skype yesterday eating oatmeal cookies so I made some for myself tonight :) Ha! I was planning on making the cookies this morning but never got around to it. Then when Thomas texted me bored I had the perfect excuse to close my books and make cookies. There were a million people in our basement, so we ended up using the boys' kitchen. It was disgusting. Yuck. We had to clean it before we could even think about making cookies. We got it all cleaned up pretty quick and made delicious cookies. They weren't as good as Mom's, but they were pretty good. Definitely edible. The cookie dough is delicious...I still have some in my fridge. I love cookies. And cooking. I'm not sure when I decided I like making treats, but I've been on a roll lately.

I guess I should go be productive for a little longer before I go to sleep. It's gonna be a crazy and wonderful week - ending with contract signing for our apartment! Yay!!!


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