Today was sort of the BEST DAY EVER

Okay, so maybe today wasn't the best day ever, but it was pretty dang good.

Greta has her siblings' car for the weekend, so we made good use of it and got off campus. I spend 99.9% of my time on campus. So getting away is nice every now and then. We were going to go to the tumble gym, but it was super crowded so we changed our plans. We ended up going to DI (kind of like a Goodwill) and we found some really great stuff! I got two shirts, a skirt, a belt, and a dress all for under $20! The dress is kind of funny. I got it in the kids section...and it definitely looks like a little kid dress. But it reminded me of the good ole days so I bought it anyway. Haha, pictures to come when I wear it.

After DI we went to Zuppas for lunch - so good! I got a yummy turkey, bacon, avacado grilled panini and wisconsin cauliflower soup, mmmmm. The meal came with a chocolate covered strawberry, but while we were waiting for Tara we decided to buy dessert - sinful 7 cake. Delicious. Today was a day of splurging, but since I never get off campus, I decided to just make the best of it and go all out.

When we were done eating we headed over to WalMart. I started buying some kitchen things :) I feel like such an adult, haha. I figured I might as well start buying things little by little because I'll need it all next year. Lately I've been in a treat making mood. Tonight I made pay-pay mix. Next in the line up is oatmeal cookies.

Tonight Megan and I went to see Caroline perform in the Philharmonic. It was amazing. Now, I'm not an orchestra type person. Normally that kind of music doesn't appeal to me, but this was unbelievable. The conductor explained the story the music was going to tell before they played, so I could follow along and understand what was happening. The whole thing was a love story. Caroline rocked the harp. Seriously. She did so well. I thought the harp would get lost in all the instruments, but I was pleasantly suprised that I could hear her very well. I made sure to watch her so that I would be able to pick out which notes where her. I just wanted to tell everyone in the room that Harp #1 was MY roommate. She's the bomb.

Caroline's family came, and it was so good to see them again. Guess who else came? President Uchtdorf! He was probably 8 rows in front of me. I love running into general authorities. Two in one weekend! Guess that means I'm choosing good places to go, haha. Unfortunately I never get to actually meet them, but it's still cool to be in their presence.

Uchtdorf is the man standing in the middle, Cecil Samuelson (BYU President) is on the right
Such a good day. I love my life.


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