Tuesday is Monday

Today is Tuesday. But everything about today was like a Monday. Although I must admit, I like Tuesdays for Mondays a lot more than Mondays for Mondays.

My first class of the day was cancelled, so I got to sleep in. Score. I got to talk to Hannah this morning before bio. She's on a study abroad in Jerusalem, and I haven't talked to her in forever. It was nice to get all caught up on everything. She makes me laugh. A lot. She gives the best/funniest advice. Love her. Bio was its normal lame self, but at least it's not hard. Thank goodnes for that.

Work today was super busy. Craziness. But that helps the day go by fast. Plus since there was a lot of mail, someone was there through my entire shift working on tagging packages so I never got lonely :) One boy at work was really rude today. He locked himself out of his room in a towel and evidently that's my fault. Or at least that's how he was acting. Rude. Lindsay got very mad that he was talking so mean to me and told him to stop, haha I just hurried and got him a loaner key and told him I hoped his day got better. Also, this girl came to the front desk saying she got a phone call saying that she needed to sign for an urgent package. I was really confused because neither Lindsay nor I had called her and we had no idea what the package could be. We were in the mailroom digging through all the mail that had just been delivered and then I saw the girl crying! I told Lindsay it must be a very important package and we had to find it immediately. Then I heard a man say "She found her package!" It was her parents! They had suprised her and had someone call and make up a story about her needing to sign for an urgent package. It was so sweet. The tears were happy tears - my favorite.

After work, I did some schoolwork and then went to dinner. I remember laughing at Megan a lot at dinner, but I forget why... Anyway, after dinner I went to work to print off my rough draft of a paper due tomorrow. Quinn was being a weirdo, as usual. Megan got really excited because while we were there Jesse came to get a package and it had a bunch of those big air packets in it for packaging. He gave it to Megan and later on when I walked into the hall I heard what sounded like gunshots. It was just Megan though. Popping her air bubbles. Haha, several girls on my floor came out into the hall and asked what was going on. I reassured them all that it was just Megan and then went to tell her that she was causing quite a ruckus. She was, of course, very proud of herself. Thomas brought up a good point: if all the girls go out in the hall when they hear something that sounds like gunshots, we're all goners. So let's hope we never have a shooter.

I ended up sitting in the 3100 hall for entirely too long talking. I should have been doing homework. But then again, I did do a lot of homework yesterday. So I guess it's okay. I'm so excited to sign for our apartment later this week! Just sitting in the hall and talking to my future apartmentmates made me a billion times more excited. Next year is going to be GREAT.

Life is good.


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