WARNING: boring post

Woke up this morning. Went to class. At 8 a.m. Writing. Then biology. Then came home, changed and went to work. The routine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing noteworthy.

And then I came home. Home to the dorms. I like this place, but I am ready for a real apartment. I went to the basement and made cookies while I read for child development. I cannot wait to have a kitchen next year! I'm so excited that I'll be able to cook and study at the same time without lugging everything down to the basement.

Speaking of apartments...tomorrow starts the campout. Greta went by tonight and there is already a tent up! Lame. But it's late, and cold, and rainy so we're starting our camp out tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be too late! I really want that apartment. Ahhh!

Anyway, I can't think about apartments anymore. It stresses me out.

Tonight I went to two intermural games. Thomas, Chase, Devin and I went to Meg, Greta, and Chloe's basketball game. We were really good at cheering them on. Then we all headed over to Tara's soccer game. The soccer game was pretty intense. I mean, I got a little distracted playing with the turf but there was some pretty fancy footwork on the field. Very impressive.

After the games were over we went to play basketball. Outside. In the rain. Oh, and by we I definitely mean I just watched, haha. 1.) I was not dressed to play basketball 2.) I don't like playing with people who know what they're doing 3.) I knew I wasn't going to stay the whole time. It was fun though. Quinn dropped by for a little bit and we shot around. Then I left. My toes were cold.

Sometimes I have a really hard time filling up the necessary 15 minutes for this blog. Mostly I have that problem on days like today. Days when I don't do that much worth blogging about. I just think a lot. Someone once told me that I am really open on my blog. False. I'm not that open at all. I tell stories. I tell all about my day. But I don't really talk about what I think. Mostly because I'm not exactly sure who reads my blog and I'm not taking any chances. So really, if you think you're getting the good stuff just by reading my blog, you're wrong.

I think it's time to go enjoy my bed. It might be the last night for awhile that I actually get to sleep in my bed instead of a tent. I have a feeling I will really appreciate my bed after this tent experience.


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