What heaven sees in you

My morning started out quite...interesting. I woke up early to study for my child development test (which I aced by the way). I decided to go to the Blue Line Deli to get breakfast and study. It was really quite at first - the perfect study environment. After awhile it got a little busier, and soon three men sat at a nearby table. They were older (as in mid-late 20s). Receding hairlines. Married. I was trying to study, but their conversation was so interesting. They were discussing the "big news" on campus. A boy wrote a girl, whom he did not know, a note regarding modesty.

The girl and the note
In this situation, the girl's dress did not come to her knees and it is clearly stated in the honor code (which every student signs) that skirts/dresses must come to the knees, even if worn with leggings. When signing the honor code you agree to encourage others to abide by the honor code as well. The three guys were discussing whether or not it is a students responsibility to tell other students that they are not dressed modestly. One guy was convinced that because he signed the honor code, it was his duty to enforce it. The others were less sure. The debate went on for quite some time. As I was getting up to go to class, I decided to walk over and throw in my opinion. They ended up inviting me to sit and join in the conversation. I couldn't stay long, but I still find it absolutely hilarious that I started my day off by discussing modesty with three strangers. I love BYU.

Every Thursday we have a staff meeting at work. Today's meeting was particularly impactful. Jay told us a story. He told us about his bedtime routine with his daughters. One night, he was leaving their room after putting them to bed and he stood in the doorway and looked at them. Their bedtime music was still playing, and this song came on...

Jay's eyes filled with tears (oh, the love of a father for his daughters) when he told us about this experience. He saw his daughters and thought of who they would become. All of their potential.

While the song was playing I thought of my little sister, Livia. I gave her a CD with this song on it at her baptism. I miss her so much. She is my hero. I think of everything she's gone through, and all that she still has to experience (junior high...ick) but I know she can do it. She is so beautiful and so strong. Livia is what gives me the strength to make good choices even when I don't particularly want to. High school wasn't always easy. I didn't have a solid friend base that supported my good decisions. But I did it. For Livia. I never want to let her down. I want to set a good example. And that's what gives me my strength. As I was sitting there, in a room full of my co-workers, I almost cried just thinking about how beautiful Livia is going to look on her wedding day. I always want to be worthy to go to the temple with my baby sister to see her get married for time and all eternity.

But I didn't cry. Nope. Not while the song was playing. But then Jay, with tears in his eyes, asked everyone to look at me and say what they saw. Then he asked them to put on "heaven glasses" and say what they saw when they looked at me then. I probably could have even made it through that part without tears, but Jay didn't stop there. Jay went on to tell me how much I am worth to my Heavenly Father. He bore powerful testimony of the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for me. Christ would have come to this earth and died just for me. That's when my entire day changed.

For the rest of the day, I tried to see people as Heavenly Father sees them. And I tried to see myself that way too. The world is such a beautiful place if you just put on your "heavenly perspective glasses".


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