Whatever "it" is

Have you ever thought about what "it" is? I was walking back from biology today and I ran into Payden. He asked a fairly common question: "How's it going?" What the smoke is it? How's life going? How's your walk back from class going? How's the paper you have to write going? How is what  going? I just had to get that out there.

Nothing especially interesting happened in class or at work today. Oh wait! I take that back. This woman called and was asking some housing questions to see where her son should live for summer term. She told me her entire life story. So funny. And sad.

I got invited to the freshman honor society of Phi Eta Sigma. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but it sounds cool.

Let's see...what else...

I started writing my 7 page child development paper at 3:45 today. It's due tomorrow. The good news? I wrote it all. Bad news? Now it's too long. I really should edit it tonight, but I might just go to sleep and wake up early to edit it. We'll see.

I finally went to FHE. It was inside. All of the outdoor activities this semester combined with my crazy schedule prevented me from attending much since Christmas, but I went for a bit tonight. Only for half an hour though, then I had to get back to work on my paper. At the beginning of FHE Easton and I made a pact to skip out at 7:30 if it wasn't over, and we stuck to our guns.

Focused, productive days leave little to blog about.

Caroline is currently doing her singing homework. That's always entertaining. I'm making her do it now in case I decide to go to sleep when my 15 minutes is up. But I think I'm going to at least partially edit my paper tonight. That'd probably be smart.

Hahahahaha, so I just got this email from one of my biology classmates. He emailed the professor and complained that we don't learn enough. Oh my goodness, I am not going to be a happy camper if that boy just made an easy class get hard. I will throw a fit. Sometimes people here are too smart for their own good.

I am super excited for tomorrow at 12:10. I get to hand in my paper, which is the major source of stress in my life currently. I will be so free! Woohoo!

Okay, 15 minutes are up. Peace.


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