A Whole New World

Hey Megan, if you're reading this...I just want you to know that the title is meant to drive you crazy :)

Today started off with back to back classes. Nothing memorable from writing (as usual). Biology was pretty much the same, except Professor Smith looked a little sad. It made me mad at the boy who wrote him that mean email. Greta and I tried to find the guy on facebook and find him in class, but it is too big of a class. Lame.

After class I had work. Sometimes--all the time--I love my job. Today we got 2 noteworthy packages: package #1 said (on the outside) "Happy Valentine's Day, Valentine!" "I love you" and other various ooey gooey lovey dovey messages. It was from a missionary to his girlfriend. Gag me. Not because she's waiting on him. That's cool. But, in my opinion, he shouldn't be so lovey while he's on his mission. Best part of the package? On the back it said "Don't go on any dates. Seriously." Package #2 was even better. It was from some guy's "fan club." I'm guessing that means Grandma. The back of the package said "we heard you're having a hard time finding a date...we thought this might help :)" Hahahahaha, I so wish I could have seen the poor fella pick that one up.

As I was leaving work the mission calls came in. Even though I was clocked out I stayed and went through the stack to call the guys that I know. Then tonight I was able to attend three mission call openings. Wednesday nights are getting very busy. Tonight's boys are going to Peru, Brazil, and Chile! I'm so excited for them! I absolutely love watching my friends open their calls. They are always so extremely excited and their testimonies are absolutely radiant.

I was at dinner and mission calls for nearly four hours, so needless to say...I have a lot of homework left to do tonight. Yuck. But it was totally worth it. Sometimes other things are more important than homework.

Also, Mom, since I know you're wondering about why "A Whole New World" would bug Meg, it's because we went to Thomas and Mark's room tonight and they have a piece of paper on the wall that says "Team A Whole New World" and I know why, but Megan doesn't. It's top secret. Although I bet if she would ask Mark he would tell her. Thomas is just a little embarrassed. And rightly so. Hahahahahaha

BYU memes are hilarious. Done.


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