182nd General Conference

Today was the first day of the 182nd General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I woke up "early" (for a Saturday morning) to go to conference with Bethany and Derek. I really should have gone to bed earlier last night because I am exhausted. We  stopped by Andrea and Greg's on the way to Salt Lake. We were going to eat before conference, but we never found somewhere that sounded good, so we just grabbed a snack and decided to eat after conference.

Parking was a little crazy, but we ended up with a great spot. Everyone had told us to prepare for long, hot lines. But we waited in like for less than 5 minutes. Our seats were amazing. We were on the bottom part (not the balcony).  It was fun to be so close. And there were SO many people there. I loved just looking around and seeing thousands of people gathered to listen to the words of the prophets and apostles.

The spirit was so strong in the conference center, especially when President Monson walked in. It was amazing. The music was also 5 billion times more powerful in person. The choir for the afternoon session was the Provo MTC choir, and I saw several friends singing! It was cool to see them with their little name tags :) So proud of them. David Archuletta was also among the choir, although I would have totally missed him if the little kids behind us hadn't freaked out, haha.

Attending conference was an amazing experience. I absolutely loved it.

Bethany and Derek gave me a bag of yummy trail mix with each ingredient representing something from general conference. It had a cute little poem attached. Absolutely adorable.

After conference we went the Chipotle for dinner. It was way good. Sort of similar to Cafe Rio. Then we stopped back my Greg and Andrea's to change clothes for Bethany and Derek's soccer game. They're on an indoor soccer team. It was actually pretty fun to watch.

Today was a good day. <<<That's probably a pretty frequent sentence in my blog. I was talking to my mom a few minutes ago and she said "It sounds like you had a good day...well, you always have good days. It sounds like an exceptionally good day." Mom is right. Today was exceptionally good.


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