2 a.m. girl talk

When my alarm went off this morning I thought it was some kind of sick joke. I was exhausted, so I skipped out on my morning shower and slept in. I eventually woke up and went to class. Afterall, I did have to turn in my last big paper of the semester. Woooh! It's done. Out of my hands. Such a relieving feeling.

After my classes I planned on going home and taking a nap, but when I got home I wanted to watch a movie instead. Oh Lisa, the silly decisions you make. I decided to watch Saints and Soldiers. Such a good movie. But not necessarily a movie I should watch alone. I'm much better at controlling my emotions around other people. This wasn't the first time I had seen the movie, but that didn't stop the tears. Actually, tears isn't even an adequate description. It's not like a few tears escaped my eyes. I was full on sobbing. Heavy-breathing-tears-a-flowing-BAWLING. I didn't realize I had so much emotion built up inside me, haha evidently it was just waiting to break free.

Emotions are draining, so after the movie was over and I finished being a little baby I took a nice long nap. It was lovely. Minus the fact that I've been having strange dreams lately. At night and during naptime. Weirdddd.

This evening I went to Mr. Heritage with Greta. It's like a male pageant for people who live in Heritage Halls. We crashed their party because nothing was going on in Helaman tonight. It seemed like everyone was busy or going out of town for conference. But Mr. Heritage ended up being a lot of fun. For the talent portion a lot of the guys wrote songs/poems/raps. So funny.

Caroline went to her cousin's house for the weekend, so I have the room all to myself. Did I use my alone time to do homework or sleep? Of course not! Meg and Greta came over and we had girl time. We talked about so many things. I needed a girls night. It was refreshing. I'm going to miss my girls when I go home for the summer! We've already decided to have regular skype/google+ dates so that we don't lose contact.

Tomorrow is a very exciting day. It's "Gen Con" as Caroline says. Yes, that's right, General Conference. I am beyond stoked to have the opportunity to attend in person. SOOOOOOO excited. I should probably get some shut eye so that I'll be in a good state of mind for conference. Oh boy, I'm pumped!

Life is good. So good. I'm starting to understand some of the "why"s I've been wondering. Heavenly Father has a plan for me and that has been more apparent this year than ever before. I don't always understand why things happen the way they do, but I know it's for a reason. Life isn't perfect. I'm not perfect. But I know that His plan for me is perfect.


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