The "beach"

Today was absolutely beautiful. I woke up and walked to church without even wearing a jacket. Success. Sacrament meeting was super good today. Each talk focused on a different characteristic of Christ. I really enjoyed it a lot. I'd rate today's Sacrament meeting talks a 10 on a scale from 1-10. Then I taught Sunday school and I think the lesson went really well. Cameron was out of town with the baseball team again, but I was really excited for this lesson because I found a cool idea to teach in game form. There was a lot of class participation so I was super excited! Everyone seemed to enjoy the game-and the cookies! Winner.

After church I came back to the dorms because we had a hall meeting a little after church got out. But once the meeting was over I ate dinner and then spent the afternoon outside. It was wonderful. I sat out on a blanket with Meg, Sharnell, and Caroline. It was lovely, but....

I have never had a problem with any BYU rule until now. And this rule doesn't just bother me a little, it bothers me a lot. So the quad (grassy area between all the dorm buildings) is evidently known as "the beach" when it starts to get warm. Well, even though every student at BYU signs an honor code with specific dress standards, the rules change when you're at "the beach". Girls are allowed to wear short shorts and tanktops as long as it is "activity appropriate". Which means you can't walk outside now without seeing blankets of people skantily clad. Oh no, I am not okay with this rule. The standards do not change with the weather. The quad is the central area of Helaman Halls. There are hundreds of boys about to leave on their missions, trying really hard to be good. And what do we do? Oh, let's throw a bunch of girls wearing short shorts out on the lawn. At BYU. The safe bubble.  I could go on and on...and on...and on about this topic. I am not okay with this. In fact, this bothers me so much that I will definitely voice my opinions to the managers of Helaman Halls and I just might write in to the Daily Universe or something. Not okay. Not okay.

Clarification: When I was sitting outside today, I was wearing my church clothes.

Now that that's (temporarily) out of my system, the rest of the day was pretty good. I took a nap. And worked. Oh dear, work. Let me tell ya. First off, Easton made me a paper mustache which I temporarily wore at work. Why do I embarrass myself in such ways? Oh but don't worry, that's not the end of my embarrassment. I wish I could keep my own dang secrets, but I can't. I guess it's better that I can keep other secrets but not my own than to have it be the reverse, but dang it I wish I could just keep my mouth shut. Whatever. It's okay. Nothing life changing. Other than secret spilling, work was pretty much the usual. Dunia and Quinn fought over marrying me. Quinn came up behind me and scared me. You know, just the usual.

One last thing about the "beach" (sorry, I can't just drop it - I'm annoyed) I really think that all this immodesty is going to result in the cold weather coming back. Seriously, the wind picked up today and it got a little chilly. I blame the beach-goers.


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