Okay, I know I say this almost every day...but today really was almost perfect. Seriously. This sunshine and warm weather is doing wonders for my attitude. Everything looks brighter when it's a little lighter outside.

I feel like a lot happened today, so this may turn into a really wordy, boring blog post to read. But I'm not writing for others, I'm writing for me (and my writing150 grade...) so too bad so sad for you.

We'll start with Book of Mormon class. Super good. I just tried to find a quote from class that I wanted to share, but I can't find it. It's from Boyd K. Packer's books Teach Ye Dilligently. The quote was about enjoying cruddy days because they make the good days so much better. He said we should plan on having bad days, heck we might as well schedule them. Anyway, it was a good quote.

Work meeting was cancelled today, so I spent the next hour outside in the beautiful sunshine. It was lovely. I read for child development while sitting in the JFSB courtyard by the rock fountain. The warmth of the sun felt so good on my skin. It was probably the most enjoyable reading I've done in a long time. Just because the weather was so great. Then I ate some subway...outside. It was just too beautiful to be inside!

Unfortunately, I was forced to go inside for child development class. Luckily I love that class so it wasn't torture to be locked up inside for an hour and a half. We talked about aggression. Watch this video clip and pay attention to your emotions.

I bet when the girls stole her spot you felt a little mad, didn't you? Then you probably laughed when she ran her car into the young girls' car. And you probably thought her actions were justified. But think about it: this is a form of aggression. Media has made aggressino humorous. I'm not against this particular clip. I think this it's hilarious. But it's interesting to think about.

After class I came back to my room for a few minutes, and then I decided I needed to be outside. So I went back to my little spot in the JFSB courtyard and studied. Then I had my elementary art class. Today we made giant bubbles! It was super fun and I was excited that we got to be outside :)

Who gets college credit for playing with bubbles? This girl. Jethro (my professor) thought it was super funny how much I loved playing with bubbles. I was a little excited. He told me I should do my ten hour project on bubbles...I just might. After bubbles we went inside and had presentations. Then I left class an hour early for Thomas's suprise party.

Thomas's party was a lot of fun. For me at least. I think he might of felt a little awkward, but whatever. His siblings came and I think that made it a lot better for him. There was yummy ice cream cake and fun people. Win.

wrapping paper and bow made out of colored paper taped together

Today was a wonderful day. I love days like this. Winnnnnnnn.


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