Creepy dolls

I went back the BYU preschool this morning. I seriously love that place. It is so cute! I want my kids to go to a preschool that is equally as amazing. Today the kids had show and tell. Most of the kiddos brought their favorite toy, but one boy brought a shoe horn and demonstrated how to use it to put your shoes on. All the other kids were amazed. I'd say that was the class favorite out of all the show and tells. Personally, I had two favorite. One girl brought a mermaid barbie. She told the class that she could also make it have legs. The teacher was very confused and asked how you made the mermaid have legs. The little girl proceeded to take the doll apart and show how you could replace the tail with legs. The teacher's reaction was gold: "oh..interchangable body parts. that's nice". But just wait, my other favorite is probably even creepier. It was a cinderella doll with a big poofy skirt. Normal, right? Wrong. When you flipped the doll over and pulled the skirt down it turned into a Belle doll! The doll had no legs, just 2 heads. Creeeeeepy. Maybe I should buy all my future daughters' dolls now before all the normal ones go extinct. I am not having creepy dolls in my house. No way. I don't want to see a 2 headed doll staring at me in the middle of the night. Nope. Not happening.

After my observations, I signed up for a meeting with a TA tomorrow to talk about my paper. I'm lost. So I figured I should just talk to the TA before I stress myself out. Then I went to Book of Mormon. Then work meeting. Chelsey made delicious nutella peanut butter cookies. SO good. My child development class was cancelled today, so I was able to give a room tour after the meeting. Then I went home and started my research for my bio paper.

Weird happening of the day: so, as I'm sitting at my desk doing research, I get this pain in my belly button? Weird. It hurt a lot. So I took a nap. Because that's really the only solution to unsolvable pain. It was sleep until it's better or look it up on WebMD. And we all know that looking things up on WebMD is dangerous. I'm sure it would have told me I'm dying. So yes, a nap was the only solution. It doesn't hurt so bad now. But it's still kinda sore and it hurts if you press on it. Weird.

After naptime I had my elementary art class. We haven't had it the past couple weeks and I've gotten used to having that extra time. But class was good. We watched a really funny video. Well, the video was serious. But the speaker was funny. It was about how schools kill creativity. Did you know that the lady who choreographed CATS seemed a little ADD in school? In fact, if ADD had been "invented" when she was younger, she probably would have been given medicine and told to sit still. But instead she was taken to a dance school where she could move and express her creativity. She's a millionaire now. Kind of crazy. So yeah, we watched that video and then we made prints. Best part: out of class 45 minutes early.

My ward had rented out the bowling alley tonight from 7-8, but I figured I wasn't going to be able to go since my class doesn't end until 8. But, I ran into Sarah on my way home and she convinced me to go for a little bit since I got out of class early. It was fun to see everyone, especially since Thurdays are generally anti-social since I don't get to go to dinner.

Well, I think I'm going to go be irresponsible now. I should really either do something productive or go to bed, but I really just want to relax and play on pinterest. So I'm going to. Take that life. But only for a few minutes. Then bedtime. For real. It's in writing, so it's official.


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