I write to you from the land of the dead. That's right, I was killed this evening. I lived a nice life. But I guess it's good I died when I did. The paranoia was getting a bit ridiculous. I don't have to look over my shoulder every 30 seconds now. Now I can just assist other assassins :)

Story of my death:
I was just getting home from taking my child development test. As I pushed the door to my room open, a gang of girls came storming into the hall from the back stairway. Before I could get the door to shut they barged in and held me down while Chloe placed a spoon in my pocket. It was a good death. A death I can be proud of. At least I put up a fight. I was really worried I'd be totally oblivious and die without even knowing. But no worries, I got to end with a fight. So I died happy.

Before I died my day was pretty normal. I went to class and then work. I had so many visitors at work. Everyone was paranoid that someone was about to kill them, but it was safe to talk to me because I was behind the desk, a safe zone. After work I studied for my test and took a little nap. Then I went to dinner, witnessed some murders, and went to take my test.

I have quite the predicament. So I was invited to this FREE banquet for my academic excellence. A free steak dinner. Do you know how lovely that sounds after eating cafeteria food for the majority of my meals? The problem is, I would have to skip class to attend the banquet. Haha, ironic huh? I'd have to skip class to be rewarded for being a dedicated student. Decisions.

Hmmm...I can't think of anything else noteworthy that happened today. My day was consumed with school, work, and assassin. I guess it was just one of those days where a lot happens, but nothing blog-worthy. Or nothing I want in the cyber world. Lame.

THIS IS TERRIBLE. My 15 minutes isn't up quite yet, so I thought I would just tell a story. I can normally come up with a story for any occassion. But when I tried to think of one to tell, I couldn't think of a single good story! The world is coming to an end. This is not good. There is only one solution: pinterest. How will that solve my problems? I don't know. But I like pinterest so I'm just going to play on there for a bit before bed.

Maybe tomorrow's post will be more interesting...but it's looking pretty doubtful. You can blame my professors. If I didn't have so many tests/papers I would have time to do things worth blogging about.


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