Death by spoon

4:59 a.m. : This picture evoked no emotion. Spoons. Just plastic spoons.
5:00 a.m. : This picture evokes fear. Paranoia. Weapons. Those are not spoons, they are death.

116th ward assassin is on. Full swing. This is a BIG deal. I'm alive...for now. It's dangerous out there. I have yet to make my first kill. Caroline is dead. Megan has made her first muder. Every now and then I hear screams in the hallway. People are dropping like flies. I peak out the peep hole and see girls tackling each other to put a spoon in their pocket. Spoon in pocket = death. Will I survive another day?

Even though I was in constant danger, I tried to go about my day as usual. Okay, let's be honest. I forgot the game had even started until I ran into Jenna in the Creamery and she got all jittery thinking I was going to kill her.

Work today was pretty slow. Which was really good because that meant I got to do a lot of child development reading for class tomorrow. Speaking of child development reading, tomorrow's class should be...interesting. The reading was all about gender and whether boys act like boys and girls act like girls because of biology or environmental influences. The case study was about a boy who..well..there was an accident and he was raised as a girl until he was 14. So yeah... class will be interesting.

Quinn and Tim fought over my love and affection today at work. Typical. Quinn grabbed my hand to make Tim jealous. So Tim grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me. Of course my supervisor walked out at that EXACT moment. Oh, hey Bev. Awkward. But then silly Quinn made it all better, "Bev, do you see what's going on? Interracial couple!" Haha, he meant interoffice. Silly Quinn. Bev's reaction? "What races are you?" Tim said I could be black because he's always wanted to kiss a black girl. I love my job.

After work, I did some more child development reading. Then I took a nap. Ahh, naps. Then I went to dinner. The Cannon is like a battlefield. So many assassins. It was scary. Everyone in the 116th ward was paranoid. But I survived. Whew. After dinner I worked on my wrtg150 paper then finished my child development reading (there was a lot of reading). Then I watched Once Upon a Time. Intense episode. So good. Bad? Good? Good in a bad way? Bad in a good way? I think I'll just have to stick with intense.

Oh, and someone thinks he's a match-maker now. Text me for details, Mom. Haha, you'll be suprised who "someone" is. Time to get some sleep. Tomorrow's another day of war. This is pretty much like the Hunger Games in real life.


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