I wet my plants!

It's springtime and I'm so excited that I wet my plants! Hahahaha, gotta love pinterest. That one made me laugh quite a bit. And I did wet some plants today at work, so it's totally applicable.

Let's see...woke up to another beautiful day this morning. It was a bit cloudy, but the temperature was just fantastic. Classes were good. And I got Taco Bell breakfast. Win. Then I had work. We had some people from a university in another state (Arizona? New Mexico? something like that) come to look at the dorms today. Evidently they want to see how we do things in case they want to copy cat us. Other than that work was pretty normal.

After work I came home and worked on my bio paper. I was doing so good, but then Chase called and wanted to go to dinner earlier than we had planned. So, I left my paper (unfinished) and went to dinner. I wasn't even hungry. I snack all day. I realized earlier today that I don't even remember the last time I had three solid meals. I always have one or two actual meals and lots of snacks. Anyway, my funny dinner story for the night: I was swinging my legs under the table (let's face it, I rarely sit still) and I accidentally kicked Chase, tipping him off that although I appeared to be sitting still like a normal human being does at dinner I really wasn't. He asked if I was swinging my legs...yes, yes I am. Chase thought I just couldn't touch the floor (note: these are normal height chairs, of course I can touch the floor). He proceeded to comfort me by telling me at least I'm taller than munchkins and oompa loompas. Geeeeeze, I'm not even that short. Haha, but it made me laugh.

When I got back from dinner it was time to get back to my paper. Which is finished. Bam! Winners get it done. It's not even due until Friday! That just made my life so much better. Haha, okay the biology paper wasn't making my life any worse it's just better to have it done.

After finishing my paper, I was on top of the world. I had a lot of energy. So I pulled out some summer shoes and put away some winter clothes. I realized I'll always have entirely too many clothes. I was going to get rid of some things, but Caroline kept telling me I should keep everything because it fits and it's cute. Even things from 7th grade. I never thought not outgrowing clothes could be a problem. But it kind of is. After my rearranging spree, I taped a bunch of paper together to make homemade wrapping paper. College = using all your resources.

And ever since then...I've just kind of been chilling. I watched a tv show on Hulu. I did a little work in my sketch book. And now I'm blogging. Successful day. Time to get some sleep so tomorrow can be just as fantastic as today! Actually, I think it's going to be even better than today. I've got a feeling.


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