Killer x2

Day 2: Still alive. For now. It's getting brutal. I better hurry up and write this blog post before I get attacked.

I made two kills today. First was Easton.

I told him to look dead in the picture. Doesn't he do a good job looking dead? Props, Easton. When I saw Easton at dinner I knew it was time to make my move. But boy oh boy was I scared. I knew I had one shot. Then he would be expecting it. Luckily he was wearing a shirt with pockets and sitting directly across the table from me. I held it in for most of dinner. I didn't want to appear too eager. He didn't expect a thing. Before he knew it, he was dead. I didn't expect the adrenaline rush that followed. I was really proud of myself. Easton laughed at me because I was smiling a whole lot at myself.

My next kill was a stranger. I had no earthly idea who this girl was. Greaatttttt. How does one kill someone without knowing them? So, I looked her up on facebook (duh). Then I talked to some girls who live on her floor. After asking around I learned that she always leaves her door open. So I did it. I had spies waiting for her to get home. When my informant told me she was in her room, I made my move. I pushed open the door and attacked her with the spoon. She put up quite the fight. While wrestling with her and the spoon, I introduced myself. What a lovely way to meet someone. In the process of killing her, I stepped on her sandwich (my foot smells like turkey...) and broke the spoon in half. But after a long struggle, I killed her. I then apologized for killing her and sent her a fb friend request. I figured that's the appropriate thing to do when you kill someone.

This game is making me a bit paranoid. I jumped when a girl came into the vending machine room today because I thought she was going to kill me. She looked at me like I was a little crazy. I've been trying to take alternate routes to class so that I don't get too predictable. Unfortuantely, I usually take all the best routes, so I'm stuck with the long, hard ways to class.

Yes, this was one of my alternative routes to class today. The stairs extend beyond the guy wayyyyy up there in this picture. But so far it's working. My assassin has yet to make a move.

This assassin game reminds me somewhat of the Hunger Games. Although at BYU you're way more likely to get caught up in the Marriage Games than the Hunger Games.

Haha, this video made me laugh a whole lot. Oh, Provo. How I love you.

Other highlights of the day:

I went to the temple after classes and the little old man baptising me said my hands were entirely too cold and we needed to warm them up so he put them in the water (yes, it's pretty sad when the baptisimal font water is warmer than your hands). Hey, it's not my fault. It was chilly outside and it's a 30 minute walk. Haha, the little old man was adorable. And so sweet. He just might become one of my new favorite temple workers.

I also scored a 100% on my Book of Mormon quiz this evening! Wooo!!! I was super excited. But I think it's just because the quiz was easier than usual. I'm not complaining though :) WINNNNN!

Even though this week is full of homework and tests, it's turning out to be a really good week. I was fully prepared to be stressed and miserable, so this is a pleasant suprise. I love my life. Normally I look forward to summer, but this year...I don't want the semester to end. I don't want to leave all my friends for an entire summer, and all my guy friends for 2 years! It's sad. But I'm sure summer will be great in it's own little way :)

Sleeping with a spoon in hand. Not really. But kind of.


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