Movies and Mountains

Warning: written when extremely tired and sleep deprived.

I guess I need to start with last night. The Hunger Games movie was super good! I think it helped that it's been a long time since I read the books, so some of the details that were wrong in the movie didn't bother me as much. Jake (the guy I went with) was a really cool guy. We were in this reserved theater, so we had good seats and didn't even have to get there early which was super nice.  I didn't get home until 3:30 this morning, and I had class at 8...yes, I am very tired.

Usually I could just come home and sleep after class, but of course this had to be a crazy busy Friday. I was too tired to get up and put effort into my appearance, so I went throughout the day wearing yesterday's leftover makeup and did very little to make myself look presentable. After class I went to work. I was covering part of Kathyrn's shift , and then I did a room tour. Then I got lunch. Then bio review. I could not stay awake during the review. It was bad. I kept dozing off. I wanted to take the test today, but I was just too tired.

Finally after the review I went home and slept. It was a glorious nap. But all good things come to and end, so I woke up from my nap. Then I hiked the Y with some of my friends. Originally there was a big group coming, but it ended up just being a few of us and it worked out really well that way. We had so much fun! I mean, if you had asked me on the way up I might have told you differently. But we had fun at the top and on the way back down. I brought bubbles and we blew bubbles from the top of the mountain. SO FUN! I'm convinced bubbles can bring joy to just about anyone. When we were about to head back down, a group of guys came up and one of them was a little unenthusiastic about being there. He just sat there and complained. So before we left I made it my mission to make him enjoy his time on the mountain. I pulled out my bubbles and let him blow some bubbles across the city. You should have seen his face when I pulled out the bubbles. I don't know if he was smiling because he thought I was crazy or because he shares my love of bubbles, but either way he enjoyed it. When we left he wasn't moping anymore but exploring with the other guys. Success.

You would think that after no sleep and a long, busy day I would go to sleep early. But oh no. It is past 2 a.m. Silly Lisa. Meg and I were starving when we got back, but we really wanted french toast so we waited until the Creamery started serving breakfast (they serve breakfast food starting at 10...but not in the morning...weird). After eating our food we went to Merrill lobby with Thomas and some of his friends who were visiting. His friends are hilarious. They were cracking me up. I wish I would have had more energy, but I was too tired so I came home "early". But then I felt gross and showered and that woke me up a little bit...sigh. I should try to get some sleep though. I have wayyyy too much to do tomorrow.

I love adventures. Blind dates. Hiking in the mountains. Living life.


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