The night is young

I always mean to wake up early on Tuesdays and Thursdays and do homework since I don't have class until 10, but lately it just hasn't been working for me. I used to wake up before my alarm and get a lot accomplished, but now my body just craves sleep and I let it have it.

Classes today were good. In my Book of Mormon class the teacher asked for a volunteer to say the prayer and a girl (who was dressed up like Katniss from the Hunger Games) stood up and enthusiastically yelled "I volunteer!" Just like Katniss does in the book. It was hilarious. Of course the teacher didn't get it, but the rest of the class was laughing. Child Development was good. The usual.

Haha, so I just had to take a break from writing this post because of assassin. This game is intense! I like being dead because now I just get to assisst without the paranoia. Perfect. Haha, plus everyone trusts me with their secrets of who they have to kill now. I love this game.

So, funny story... I'm going to the midnight premiere of Hunger Games tonight. Even though I have an 8 a.m. class tomorrow. Mom told me it's okay to be irresponsible because I'm "serving a friend" which is more important. Haha, I love my mom's rationale. I'm not sure going on a blind date is exactly "serving a friend", but I'm going with it. I'm super excited to see the movie. Anyway, that's why I'm writing this blog post now. Because I will be dead tired when I get home.

Tomorrow is going to be a really busy day. I just hope I can stay awake for all the excitement. I have class, then I'm covering part of someone's shift at work, then I'm doing a room tour, then I have a bio review, and then I have a bio test.

Ahhhh life is crazy. I think I'll sleep in tomorrow and just go to class looking like a hot mess. It's probably not a good sign that I'm already tired and it'd not even 10 o'clock yet. My body keeps saying it's bedtime, but it is not bedtime. Not tonight. Sighhh

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm excited. Sleep can always be made up later.


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