Pinch me...I dare you

Oh, St. Patrick's Day. What a silly holiday. A holiday of pinching. I went all day without getting pinched. Success. Now that it's 1 a.m. (and officially not St. Patrick's Day) I am not wearing any green. I feel a little rebellious, like I'm breaking a St. Patrick's Day rule. Sometimes it's good to feel rebellious, so I'm embracing the feeling.

My morning was pretty boring. I wrote a couple pages of my paper for wrtg150 (only because the 1st two pages are due Monday) and then I went to work. Work was pretty chill. I did all the mail and then I had a lot of visitors throughout the day so that helps the time pass pretty quickly. Hmm..funny stories from work...I can't really think of anything. But I am starting to get recognized outside of the Cannon pretty often. I'm always caught off guard when people recognize me outside of work because they've seen me working at the desk. What's even more creepy? When they remember my name (because I wear a name tag). It's a good creepy though...usually.

After work I went to a dance at the Wilk with Meg and Carine. We met up with the rest of our friends there. It started off pretty slow, but once we got into the groove we had a blast. Last semester it seemed like we went dancing every weekend, but this semester has been a lot more chill. So it was nice to bust some moves. I seriously love my friends. Sometime we get a little crazy, but that just shows how comfortable we feel when we're all together. We can just let go and go crazy. I mean, how many friends do you have that will chicken dance with you?

Carine had already promised to play games with people in our lobby, so we left a little early to join her at game night. Megan and I ended up laying under the pool table. Not playing games. To tell the truth, the most entertainment we had was sending people funny texts. Really funny texts. Oh man, they were good. Then Cooper asked if we wanted to play "walleyball" but we thought he said volleyball, so we got really excited. Then we found out he said wall and got a little disappointed. So we played walleyball for a bit and then convinced some people to go play volleyball on the sand courts.

Tonight was a really fun night. Maybe we should make plans ahead of time more often...that seemed to work out pretty well tonight. Haha, who am I kidding? We can barely plan things an hour before, let alone a day in advance.


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